Another ghostbusters movie?


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Ghosbuters 2 is hard to stomach. (I mean now. I loved it as a kid)

Ghostbusters is one my favorite 80s movies. We should protest this. Send petitions! Start revolts!
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Another Ghostbusters movie? Do we really need another one? And no Bill Murray in this one? hmmmmm..... straight to DVD anyone?
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Originally Posted by jrs
Consider this in devolpment hell...
This appears to be the correct answer. The forecast is a 2008 release, but without Bill Murray, I don't see it flying.
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this has been rumoring sence the second one came out. No one wants to produce it because Murray isn't going to be in it tho. At least thats what i hear ... But im going to be type pissed if they destroy The Ghostbusters

I sincerely hope that this does'nt happen.
It'll only ruin two films which have very strong nostalgic qualitites for me and i assume for many others.

It'd be like a Gremlins 3 or something.

this is crazy are they all so poor that they need to ruin this legacy like so many other great movies before?

Originally Posted by -Clarence-
I sincerely hope that this does'nt happen.
It'll only ruin two films which have very strong nostalgic qualitites...
Happen or not- i dont see how it could do anything to the originals. They're nice and safe in my DVD binder and no one is going to get at them.

But there is buzz- and sometimes that is all a movie needs to get off the ground. I wouldnt be surprised either way.

well as long as they have Winston Zeddermore and Egon Spangler played by original actors!!! :/
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