Johnny Depp for the Joker?


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When frippin' Crispin Glover does it...I don't think so.
I suppose so. I guess he was only known at the time for his role in "Back to the Future". When I first saw that clip I was like "George McFly? WTF!!"

Back in 1987 and for years afterwards, Crispin tried to diffuse it by saying it was a friend of his on Letterman's show that night and not him at all. That's just plain a lie (if you click on the picture I posted, you'll see a whole series of screencaptures - it's him in a cheap wig).
Yeah I always took that to be Crispin and makes him to be even more foolish to say such an obvious lie. I didnt realize it was a wig though.

I say he does it. He may not, I think he would be great. I just think he is amazing!
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johnny depp would be a good joker, he always plays so many different roles and dark characters such at icabod crane, willy wonka, jck sparrow, and the guy n fear and loathing. those movies ae completely different
Just a dog? Porthos dreams of being a bear, and you want to shatter those dreams by saying he's just a dog? What a horrible candle-snuffing word. That's like saying, "He can't climb that mountain, he's just a man", or "That's not a diamond, it's just a rock." Just.

Johnny Depp would be a good Joker because you know he can act and also i think he would look good for the joker character

Well, I can deffinatly see him playing the part! lol

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Depp made a great pirate, murderer, and why not I say
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I really hope Depp doesn't do it. Even for simple reasons like his partnership-ish with Tim Burton and I think he'd take the focus from Christian Bale in terms of stardom, which would suck.

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it is not really problem who's gonna Joker providing Nolan shoots the new generation Batman sequels.

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I don't think Depp could pull it off, I'm all for Tim Roth. If you've seen Four Rooms, you'd might agree with me.
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Paul Bettany Baby!
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Johnny Depp as Joker? I laugh.
No, really. I think that Depp wouldn't be able to play the part without me finding something in it funny. Look at Jim Carey as the Riddler, too extreme. Depp is a good actor but all you will be seeing is Depp.
We need someone less familiar then Depp to play him.
I do like the suggestion of Paul Bettany.
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I would have gone with Denis Leary, Sam Rockwell, or Jim Carrey, but I think Johnny Depp could do a good job. I mean he's good in just about everything he's been in and a major box office draw, so why WOULDN'T they want him?

and I have seen it suggested elsewhere, but Liev Schrieber should play Harvey Dent/Two-Face. I just think that's inspired casting.
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How about Steve Buscemi?
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I thought Andrew Koenig in Sandy Collora's fan film, Batman: Dead End was fairly good (at least in appearance). I was probably impressed more easily, however, because I'd never seen a version of The Joker that scared me at all.

A bit exaggerated for my tastes (and Christopher Nolan's, I'm guessing), but I do hope The Joker ends up looking similarly frightening. I want the guy to haunt my dreams, not sell action figures. An unknown with a few very subtle prosthetics is probably the way to go.