What is your favorite Martial Arts film? Favorite actors?


Also forgot to mention...some of the films by The Stunt People, who are a collection of stunt men and women that can't act/write for shit, but put out some of the best fight scenes ever put to film. Lots of hard contact and some of them look brutal.

Contour is a classic by these guys. This film is old, so the quality is crap, but one gets the idea of how bad ass these guys are.

Too slow of a fight scene.

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Too slow of a fight scene.
There are three scenes there. And, no, they aren't slow!
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There are three scenes there. And, no, they aren't slow!
Stunt People co-founder Eric Jacobus is working as a stunt coordinator today, having done even a Bollywood movie "The Man Who Feels No Pain". He also interviews fellow action stars and stunt talent on his YouTube channel.

Some new favorites:

Alain Moussi (The Kickboxer reboots, Jiu Jitsu, King of Killers)
Andy and Brian Le w/ Daniel Mah aka The Martial Club Team (They did the fight choreography on Everything Everywhere All at Once and Andy played the Death Dealer in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)
Andy Long Nguyen (Jackie Chan Stunt Team member who starred and choreographed a Vietnamese martial arts comedy, Luc Van Tien - highly recommended...think it's still on Tubi)
Jennifer N. Linch (Vietnamese martial artist who starred, wrote, and directed Kung Fu Ghost)
Ryan Padilla (star of Prepare to Die)
Natalie Burn (uses her skills in the underrated Til Death Do Us Part)
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