anyone write poetry?


YoUr FrIeNd &TrUsTeD aDvIsOr
hey all....I have been writing poetry for decades and actually went to school for it.....after attempting to "freestyle" on the internet...and soon realized I SUCK...I found the Poetry section of the forums I was on...I started posting and was praised for my poems....its a new site./...mostly involving HIP_HOP...but do not get me need not have anything to do with the culture I sure as hell do not....anyways...I have been made a MODERATER for the poetry section...and I am hear to plug the site(shameless bastard!)
ya so if you are interested just enter the forums and look for "floetry lounge"...I am: im not real(c)
"YoU'r bOdy iS A bOaT tO laY aSiDE wHEn yOU ReaCh tHE FaR sHOrE...OR sEll It, iF YoU cAn FiND A foOL.......ITS FULL OF HOLES."

Lets put a smile on that block
Ive been writin poetry for a while. Not good at it but i had to submit a piece for a creative writing module for my degree. Little pretentious but just the way the teacher likes them. heres my poem -

The Painted Bride
A tear born in the eye, dies on the lips.
Silhouettes dance on the lucid ceiling,
Grey laughing shadows echoing in a silver room,
Making a song that The Bride cannot sing.
She is alone.
Her dress lay like a cloud upon the sky,
Endless untouched beauty in white ripples and infinite curves,
Spilling onto the dark empty floor, melting into a blank canvas.
Each warm memory gave turn to each warm tear.

A tear born in the eye, lives on the cheek.
A dress so white, ready for colour.
A day so black, ready to end.

How did this happen?
Two strangers alone with their friends, met on the green.
A party they chose to leave, a meeting they chose to make,
A kiss she chose to take.
He held her in his arms that night as though she would hold her heart.
His face, warm and curious, with eyes that did not leave,
And words that kissed her ears.
She danced under the amber sun like a fire dances under the silver moon,
And she loved and laughed with the world, because for the first time,
She knew that the earth loved her back.
That’s the way it was for weeks or months or years.
The Bride was part of the painting.
The painting of her life.
And he was the artist.

A painting of a world full of colour.
A painting of a day that is ruined with a stroke of his brush.
A tear born in the eye, will die on the lips

She did not see his face or eyes in the audience or the crowd.
Frowning face’s smudged here and there stared back at her.
A thousand eyes upon her and none belonged to him.
She would have waited a lifetime, but the faces did not lie.
Lost in a sea of sadness, and a house of pity, The Bride fled.
He was gone.
Her dress now floats as a grey ghost among the gravestones.
Surrounded by the tombs of love, the stone tributes to a happiness now gone,
The Bride wept for her unfinished painting.
A tear born in the eye, lived on the cheek,
Frozen on her lips.
Pumpkins scream in the DEAD of night!

Now I write poetry in Angola. My poems are are about my beloved monkeys. I write in more of a mid to late 19th century style. I used to write by the name of Serge Handfeld. Most of my original works and publications were burned in May of 1938 when I lived in Austria. Here are a few that have made me quite popular in my new hometown of Cazombo, Angola.

"Why do monkeys always smile, even when they're spanked awhile. It's out of love I do this so, even though I like the show."

"Monkeys run and monkeys hide, I love to chase them from outside. They shriek and yell and bite my hand but in a cage is where they'll land."

"My favorite monkey, oh where has he gone. He learned how to speak so he's finally moved on. He likes to drink rum so he couldn't be far, he's probably with my wife getting drunk in a bar."

The last one is my favorite because it's based on an actual event. If you'd like to hear more, just post a request here

YoUr FrIeNd &TrUsTeD aDvIsOr
I'd love to hear more....(not quite the right site for it I hope no one gets angry)there really funny and enjoyable to read.....monkeys are awsome....I used to live in kenya and we would have monkeys all over our front yard...they would steal my lunch almost every day at school...(this was about twenty five years ago....)monkeys are neat