I've heard about this dvd.....that kills you when you watch it...


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okay. I love vhs. but I really really like dvds. I just don't enjoy watching many horror movies on them...like the ring and ringu.....now, I have neglected to buy the ring (for instance) on dvd...beacause it did not seem worth it even with the extras...(the VHS comes with an awsome montage, with an endding I could have sworn i saw in the theaters.)anyway...I said to my self I said. why buy two 20 dollar dvds when you can get two 9 dollar vhs's....well now they are both 9.99(dvd)....
anyways(once again) I read on an easter egg page that thr dvd for THE RING had inside of it an easter egg that "allowed you to see the original movie in which the ring is based on.".....Now what I want to Know what I need to know...IS IT THE ACTUAL FILM ringu OR IS IT JUST THE ORIGINAL VIDEO THAT THE PEOPLE IN ringu WATCH?

drexal parks.
"YoU'r bOdy iS A bOaT tO laY aSiDE wHEn yOU ReaCh tHE FaR sHOrE...OR sEll It, iF YoU cAn FiND A foOL.......ITS FULL OF HOLES."

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Its the actual movie that the people in THE RING watch..coz in the movie they dont show thr whole movie......the easter egg shows the entire video tape..and oh my phone rang at the end of it i swear to god...happened to my friend too...

YoUr FrIeNd &TrUsTeD aDvIsOr

ya same sort of thing happened at a buddies place. very coinsidental.