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It was beauty killed the beast.
Christpher Guest follows up his previous two director efforts (Waiting for Guffman, and Best In Show) with yet another mockumentary. This one, entitled A Might Wind, is about three folk bands who are reuniting to play a memorial concert in honor of their recently deceased manager Irving Steinblume.

Like all of Guest's films A Might Wind aspires to be little more than a rollicking good time, and in that in that aspect it definitely succeeds. The film features a great many laughs, as well as some very good, well structured music that is certain to get your foot taping along. However, there are some negatives in what is otherwise a fantastic treat. Guest seems to have written in some characters only for the sake of having enough roles for the members of his usual cast. It would have been nice if A Mighty Wind would have had time to incorporate some phony old stock footage interviews of the bands instead of using valuable time on some of the more superfluous characters. Furthermore, although he provides a few good laughs, Eugene Levy's shell-shocked (by the war known as love) character is a bit annoying to listen to; fortunately this takes little enjoyment away from the film overall.

In the end, while this is not as good as Guest's first two directions, the film is yet another feather in his cap. A Mighty Wind is a delightful romp that should be fun for all.

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A Mighty Wind doesn't have as many all-out belly laughs as Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show, but it's just as wonderful. The characters and music are fantastic creations, and the cast is having a ball. I get the impression they spent so much time and energy crafting the music and detailed histories with a more straightforward narrative, perhaps they didn't have as much time for tangential wackiness. Fewer guffaws, but just as remarkable in my book.

Not to say there aren't plenty of great laughs in A Mighty Wind. There certainly are, but overall it's more subtle than the two previous entries. Once again, Fred Willard steals the show ("Whu happen'?!?"). Another triumph for Guest and company.

I just happen to be listening to the soundtrack right now!

"Ea_ a_ _oe's...."
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It was beauty killed the beast.
Were Mitch's solo album covers genius or what?

There was one thing Kong really found upsetting though. A friend and Kong had just started writing a mockumentary on model train enthusiasts, and then Guest actually puts one in this movie! Grrr. We weren't too far along though, so scrapping it isn't too big of a deal.

It was beauty killed the beast.
Originally posted by Holden Pike
AMBER COLE (Jennifer Coolidge): Without model trains, we never would have had the real thing.
Are you sure that's how it goes? Kong thought it was, "Without model trains, we never would have had the big ones."

It was beauty killed the beast.
Originally posted by Austruck
Just saw it today. It was something more like, "Without model trains, they never would have come up with the idea for the big ones."
What did you think of the movie?

The Adventure Starts Here!
I saw it before reading your review, Kong. I can see what you're saying, I suppose, but I still found the thing absolutely hilarious. It'll be tough for me to compare this to Best in Show or This is Spinal Tap, though, because I didn't see either of those earlier pieces in the theater. There is something about the theater experience -- with other people all around you laughing, huge screen, etc. etc. -- that just makes a comedy so much better.

The audience in our theater (a good stadium-seating theater) was astute and obviously primed for this movie. Laughed at all the right spots, and then some, and it was a delightful experience.

Unfortunately, I keep seeing Harry Shearer's weird bald head and odd beard! Please, let me find a way to get rid of that ugly image! LOL!


p.s. I didn't find Levy's voice irritating. Just a tad over the top, but in an understated way. (?? Is that even possible?)

The Adventure Starts Here!
One more thing: I thought the model train set in the guy's basement looked an awful lot like the set Stanley Spadowski (Michael Richards) used in UHF for Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse. But I couldn't find a picture of it anywhere to put up here for comparison...

Holden, help me out here.... LOL!


Hey, Wha' Happened? This movie was freakin' hysterical is what!! Guest's latest is top notch stuff all the way around once again, right up there with Guffman and Best In Show. And once again, he's got the same comedy troupe back doing their quirky thing, this time tackling the Lawrence Welk era of goodtime folk music. The songs here are priceless, just try not tapping your feet to some of these songs(a good kind of infectous). And yes, I too went right out and bought the soundtrack. The Folksmens' cover the Stone's "Start Me Up" is a riot!! And Fred Willard is tops once again being so painfully unfunny, he's funny. Jennifer Coolidge also steals scenes(it's like we share a single brain between the two of us. LOL!!). And the punchline to "A Mighty Wind" had me doubled over laughing. Will you see a funnier movie this year? I don't THINK so! Go see and enjoy.

Any one else excited for this movie....i loved best in show, and waiting for guffman...so i'm super pumped....if they could only get billy zane to play a part in their movies....

YoUr FrIeNd &TrUsTeD aDvIsOr
I am looking forward to this flicker.
I am surprised that anyone thinks about Billy Zane anymore.
I always like his style.
he has a cool demeaner.
"YoU'r bOdy iS A bOaT tO laY aSiDE wHEn yOU ReaCh tHE FaR sHOrE...OR sEll It, iF YoU cAn FiND A foOL.......ITS FULL OF HOLES."

Originally Posted by Casanova
Any one else excited for this movie....i loved best in show, and waiting for guffman...so i'm super pumped....
Well, I've seen it, and it was lovely. Very funny and so weirdly poignant...

"Wha Happened Canceled Due to Total Lack of Interest."


if they could only get billy zane to play a part in their movies....
What is up with this Billy Zane fetish (see thread in the Actors forum)? If there's one place Billy Zane doesn't fit--and I'm certain there're at least a couple--it's in a Christopher Guest mockumentary.

Live in the now, man.

"Listen to your friend Billy Zane."
You were a demon and a lawyer? Wow. Insert joke here."

Shake well before opening.
i've always been a huge christopher guest fan. I followed him from spinal tap, to waiting for guffman and best in show. I had high expectations for a mighty wind and when i left the theater i was satisfied. I intend to see it again because i spent the whole movie waiting for that big laugh that i never really got but a huge collection of giggles. Eugene Levy is a comic genius and i love his character. and i'll never forget 'Wha' happened?'

Put me in your pocket...
I just saw A Mighty Wind tonight. I loved it. So many quirky, lovable characters. It was great fun to watch. There were so many funny scenes. You all have mentioned some really funny parts. I also wanted to include...in the beginning when Jonathan Steinbloom is talking about his mother....

You could say she was overly protective--I just like to think she cared about me, which she did, a lot. And I was a member of the chess team and whenever we would have chess tournaments I had to wear a protective helmet, I had to wear a football helmet. Now who knows what she was thinking? Maybe she thought that we might have fallen maybe and impaled our heads on a pointy bishop or something, I don't know.

Seeing a picture of a little boy, wearing a helmet, playing chess just tickled me.

Also, right before the show when he starts picking everything apart from the flowers, to the stage set and the lights. He would drive anyone crazy.

Another part I laughed at, was when blond from the Main Street Singers, Laurie Bohner, explained how they lived in another dimension from everyone else. They were 'Witches In Nature's Colors'...WINC.

Originally Posted by Austruck
Unfortunately, I keep seeing Harry Shearer's weird bald head and odd beard! Please, let me find a way to get rid of that ugly image! LOL!
That was one strange beard.
He had a great voice though.

Originally Posted by stiltman
Jennifer Coolidge also steals scenes (it's like we share a single brain between the two of us. LOL!!).
I loved her also. Your right, she does steal the scenes she's in.

Fred Willard is just a blast. A line that keeps coming to mind in A Mighty Wind is during the press conference when asked about rap music. Eugene Levy's character said "I was listening to a Canadian Rap station called C RAP .....I thought it was interesting." I'll always remember that. If you did not get it... Canadian radio stations begin with a C unlike the K and W here in the states. Dry humor rules.