movie based graffiti peices...suggestions?


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okay I am a graf artist among other duties I perform.

and for the last three months I have done six movie theamed grafs. in the following order.
:nightmare on elm street1
:citizen cain.
:a clockwork orange.

now I need from all of you some theams I should do....movies or video games will sufise. anything...I will determain what 8it is I will do. once I get a scanner I will download what I have done so farr. and everything after I post this.
"YoU'r bOdy iS A bOaT tO laY aSiDE wHEn yOU ReaCh tHE FaR sHOrE...OR sEll It, iF YoU cAn FiND A foOL.......ITS FULL OF HOLES."

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thats the coolest thing ever. God, a clockwork orange, reservoir dogs, i want to see what that looks like. Nightmare on elm street must be a trip. But for suggestions i would say tim burton's nightmare before christmas, scarface, fight club, and labrynth, or however u spell it, that old movie with bon jovi, a classic.

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fight club of caurse!!!! I see it now...jack and whats her face standing infront of the peice it self and behind that the buildings crumbling...and to the left is tylor resting on the main letter. with arms crossed to the far right i see tylor riding his bike surounded in old newspapers....sound good? the only thing is now.....should I base it on the FABULISSSEEE book or great movie.???
good pick though...your a cool dude of dudette.

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Gracias. that sounds cool, the book is awesome but the images in the movie are so amazing. All those guys in black chanting around bobs body, ed norton and helena carter holding hands as the buildings collapse, but most of all, the bar of soap. You could go anywhere with it but that would be awesome if u could post it when you finish so everyone could take a look. Also, have u read chuck's new book and is it worth buying?

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its great.
my fav so far is still survior.
it has the best ch.
though have you heard of his book about portlland oragan(?)
its like a turist guid for pycho paths or something along those lines I read about it on one of his sites...he is my fav author. at the time....sadaris is also on the tops.
but fo sure check out lulaby. check out choke you MUST check out survivor if you have not.
but yes i will make the actual peice look like a bar of soap. like its carved into it. I've been wanting to use pink for a while...its such a misjudged colour.
oh there is a patition on the net for a green light to make survivor into a movie. sighn it please. its not hard to find its one of the first links when you google it.

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i LOVE dave sedaris. Me talk pretty one day is one of the funniest books ever written. I read Choke and thought it was good but i never was motivated to read lullabye but i've been hearing a lot about it so i'll check it out.

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I see ware your going with choke it ended a little blandly.
but for gods sake you MUST read survivor.
at any rate. dave sadaris is a great writer I listen to him on NPR all the time. and have all his books that are printed on audio and the cool thing is...his sister co-narrates them along with dave himself. its really cool.
BUT I would like to hear some more suggestions if its not to much trubbl
about the thread starter. any movie if you got an idea post it hear and I will see what i can beats asking me do draw your name...(GRAF HEADS WILL GET THAT)

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close encounters....gooood
BM dark knight....very cool....
thanks keep em; comming.

In your "graf", did you misspell Citizen Kane as badly as in your post here?
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Hey, Drexal. What about The Matrix? All those digits and stuff. And Jaws, Terminator and Taxi Driver ("you talking to me?") are other themes that could be something for you.

It would be really cool to see your paintings. Is your avatar by yourself?
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taxi driver would be cool.....the matrix will have to wait a few years....

and no my avatar was brought to me by uhhh....shoot some feller on this forum linked me with it....after I asked for one.

and I feel I should clear some things up. I do not intend on spelling things correctly. it is my perogative to do way of self expresion if you will.
besides I write all day for my work and then I come home and write well into the night for my own personal reasons...and when the time comes that I write on forums I spell very loosly. creative....or lazy and illiterate....what ever you think...thats fine just fine......I will stop doing so for titles of flickers....that is not nice for anyone...I know.

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why not do some disney? aladdin, lion king, it sounds cheesey but it could turn into something really cool. pirates of the carribean? i dunno, im bored feel like tossing ideas around.