Can you help to identify a film please?


Hi all, first-time poster here.

Time to ask for help.

Me and my youngest, Lucy, remember watching a film (probably around 10 years ago) but neither of us can remember what it was called or who was in it. All we can remember is the opening sequence:

Somewhere at the top of a very snow mountain range.
Male prisoner (who is actually the hero but you can't, initially, recognise him as he's been in captivity for a while and has long, unkempt hair, beard, dirty etc) gets rescued by his people.
Very precarious train ride/fight/chase sequence ensures, during which our hero escapes.

We believe the film is a sequel but not sure whether it's a first or second sequel. We can't remember anything else about it.

It's possible that this is a shared false memory but we don't believe it is.

Help please.

No worries. Cheers man.

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can you remember similar movie or describe just more ?

can't be ?
Seraphim Falls, 2006
Ravenous 1999
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