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Spiderman is a must see i have watched it ten time the hulk wont be as good he looks fake.Spiderman has the best efects I have ever seen.
The actors fit the parts you will love this film trust me if you think that i am tall $*##$ write bac
me so cool

I think the hulk looks very childish the thing about spiderman is that adults could watch it and enjoy the hulk just looks like a man hunt I prefer good vs evil spiderman was better than any old batman

The hulk looks kinda too fake but Im not sure I think anything will ever beat the old school batman but I think the Hulk may be a good watch a bit of fun, but who knows thats just me and im a dorkus

yea i agree i will go and see it but it wont be as good

I liked the acting in the first two Batman's, but I'll always likey Spider-Man better. Tobey was the reason I liked it so much, not because I'm a super hero fan. Really, I haven't been all that much into comics or super heroes since I was 12. I don't really care to see The Hulk all that much, I probably will though, just to say I did. I never went to see Daredevil, I guess I will on DvD.
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spider-man was the hero in my books, iwas never into the other heros, batman maybe but definatly spidy and i watched the movie, thought it was a blast
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Kong didn't care for Spiderman; not a good move, but not a bad one. Kong is, however, looking forward to HULK! Say what you want about Hulk's looks in the trailers, but since then they have tweaked the lighting to make him look better. The number one reason why Kong anticipates HULK! is Ang Lee. Ang Lee totally rocks people! If anyone can pull it off it is he.

Kong takes 5 Kong Points from all those who based HULK!

i think spyderman is only good on bigscreen, if you havent seen in the theatre, then don't bother see it on tv!
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I went and bought the video and thought it was great! I didn't feel I was missing out on anything not seeing it at the cinema!

I love tobey maguire and couldn't imagine anyone else playing the part! I'm so glad they didnt choose Freddie prinze jr. He could never have pulled it off like tobey!

I know people who didn't like it but I thought it was fantastic!

My boss being one who didnt like it but she doesn't have any taste so I knew she was wrong!

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Spiderman was my favorite superhero and still is but for some reason the movie didn't stand out as amazing for me. I liked the beginning as he gained his powers etc. but i never really liked the green goblin as a villain despite his sigficance in the whole series. For doing what they could with the first movie, I think its very good but i'll be looking forward to other better villains.
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This movie is alright. It's nothing compared to X-Men but I guess if you like a good popcorn action flick with a popular super hero thrown in, then watch it. I was pretty disappointed with it, but now that I think about it, the movie had some cool action sequences.

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I was pretty disappointed by the trailers for the Hulk - it does look fake. I was a big fan of the series when I was little and was really looking forward to the movie.

I liked Spiderman a lot. Surprisingly.

I disliked Spiderman.

Ang Lee, however, is one of my favorite working directors. I agree with Kong, if anyone can pull it off well it is him.

The CGI in Spider-Man wasn't any better than what The Hulk looks like, and apparently Hulk is more polished than the trailers made it look.
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I loved Spiderman. Great movie. I was very happy with it.

**** stars. It seems like I give that out a lot. Is it because i am to easy on movies, or because i tend to watch good movies.....oh well....
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Spidermans face when climbing up that building was a joke, you could see it was totally computer generated.

When the green blob died in the end why was his eyes still looking toward spiderman and his forehead still wrinkled? No way.

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If thats the least of your complaints, then you should think the movie was great, which it was.

Originally posted by Beale the Rippe
If thats the least of your complaints, then you should think the movie was great, which it was.
The movie isn't that great, its ok, if you want great then see,
3.The Matrix Reloaded
4.The Matrix