What is your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?


It would have to be The Terminator. Once he'd done that, created his own stereotype, and has never really done anything to break out of that, it seemed like that's all she wrote. It's obviously been a good ride to the bank, and most of the movies he plays in have had their own kind of success, but none of it seems to go beyond the cartoon version of Arnold.

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Predator, baby.

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My favorite movie with Arnold is probably The Terminator.

My favorite "Arnold Schwarzenegger" movie, however, would probably be Conan or Predator.

Frankly, I am shocked and dismayed at the lack of representation of the Cimmerian.

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So many gems of his to pick. Id say Predator or T2 is the top spot.
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Last Action Hero

It's just so much fun!

Maggie and Aftermath won't get love, but probably represent the best job he has done in terms of the craft of acting (and not his charisma as a life-sized action figure).

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Yeah, he did a wonderful job in Maggie. It proved how underestimated he's been as an actor. I would love to see him do these serious roles more often, but just getting a rare glimpse is exciting as it is.

Terminator 2 for me.
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