MOFO Survivor XI Money Game - Trapped in Space


Haha, nice. You get a thumbs up for the entertainment but it cant count as an entry to the challenge. Still funny though.
Thinking hard about what to write.
Muh letterbox:

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

7thson here, Commander 7th let me out for a moment .
Going to see Jurassic World tonight then I may pop on later if I can, but after that I have my surgery tomorrow. So not sure when I will be back on. Hopefully I am just out a couple of days. Either way I hope you all have a great weekend and if I do not make it back before the current deadline challenge I will get to it as soon as I can. In the meantime Cosmic, or should I say Dredd will be handling things and will have a challenge for you all. ...and with that I leave you with this:

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What do you mean *they* cut the power? How could they cut the power, man? They're animals!

We have escaped the wormhole anomaly but for a moment there we had some really weird readings of an unknown lifeform aboard the ship, but it must have been a malfunction because there is no sign of it anymore. This is Commander 7th signing off, Dredd now has the commander's chair.

Take it away

Attention All Crew Members of the Sophia
(Including those still waiting to board)

Today at 5:00pm EST there will be a security meeting. Participation is not mandatory, but I highly recommend you attend. There will be a reward challenge issued, and while you will have 2 days to complete it, if multiple players finish with the same score, whoever sent me their response first will be deemed the winner. If someone submits a perfect score before the deadline, the challenge will end early.

@CaptainT @cat_sidhe @CiCi @Daniel M @donniedarko @HashtagBrownies @rauldc14 @Rhys @TONGO @Velvet @Yam12

Security Briefing

The Situation: A derelict ship on the outer perimeter of our sensors has been sending us strange transmissions despite showing no signs of life on board. I need to determine whether or not these transmissions represent a potential threat before we come in range of any hidden weapons systems.

The Deadline: I estimate that we have until 5:00pm EST on Sunday June 24th to determine the nature of these messages.

The Reward: The crew member who decodes the most transmissions correctly can choose one of the following rewards:
1. A Blood Test Kit - While seemingly innocuous at the moment, this device may save your life at a later date.
2. A Clue to an Immunity Idol - When used in combination with the previous clues, the idol's whereabouts should become abundantly clear.

The Reward Challenge

PART A: Scrambled Transmissions
Something appears to have scrambled these transmissions and caused the words to become jumbled. Re-arrange the letters to reveal the original message. Partially correct answers will still earn points, so even if you cannot deduce every single word, submit the ones that you can.


02. -ALLIEFFH 3 FMRIONCDE (4 points)


04. HET ACEK SI A ELI (2 points)


PART B: Corrupted Images
Find the missing consonants to complete the words. Only complete answers will be accepted. It's strange that these transmissions came through as images when they appear to just contain text. Perhaps the font used is a clue. I have transcribed the present and missing letters below each image for your convenience.


_ _ E / E _ _ A _ _ E (2 points)


_ I _ E _ _ Y (1 point)


A _ _ E _ E / _ _ A _ _ O _ (3 points)


A _ _ _ O _ E _ A (2 points)


A _ _ O _ _ / _ U _ A _ (5 points)

That last one seems strangely familiar to me.

Part C: Coded Messages
These transmissions came through intact, but appear to be coded. The punctuation appears to be unaffected, but the other letters seem to be be misaligned from their usual place in the alphabet. I tried decrypting the messages using the same algorithm, but it appears that they don't follow the exact same pattern.

11. K'O CHTCKF K ECP'V FQ VJCV. (4 points)

12. HFU BXBZ GSPN IFS, ZPV CJUDI! (2 points)

13. LMBBUV CBSBEB OJLUP. (4 points)

14. K'NN DG DCEM. (2 points)


Private Message me your answers. You will not be allowed to edit your submission after the fact. You may collude with other crew members, but only one person will get the reward (which will be whoever PMs me first). Good luck.
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I apologize for the 20 minute delay in starting the security briefing. I was dealing with an unexpected intruder. The situation has been handled.

Little note: I updated the challenge with the exact point value per question, as well as clarified the rules for Part C.

So my procedure went well, thanks for all the well wishes. Flying high on meds.
Great to hear that everything's fine. Enjoy your rest.