The MoFo Top 100 Film Noir Countdown

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I believe I had that @ no.2

Just looking at the ingredients one could figure out it delivers the goods.

Whatever the order turns out to be, Sunset Boulevard, Double Indemnity, and The Maltese Falcon is a very strong, legit Top Three for any Classic Film Noir list.

Proud of you, MoFo.
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I loooove The Third Man. It's a film that I had some reservations when I first saw, but with every viewing, I just appreciate it more and more. I've seen it a handful of times and I now think it's marvelous. From the perfect use of the Vienna setting to Orson Welles' iconic performance, and how about that ending? Probably one of my favorite endings ever. I had it at #2. Amazing film.

SEEN: 37/97
MY BALLOT: 22/25

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The Third Man was my #6 and Touch of Evil was my #7.
I've watched the latter only once, decades ago, but certain scenes still stick in my head, and it's just a damn good movie. I find myself revisiting The Third Man more often and sticks out in my head as a movie used as an example of something* in an intro existentialist philosophy class I once listened to the podcast of, which then in turn influences how I view Miller's Crossing.

*: Can't remember the term, but Kierkegaard, on the subject of the various ways we respond to the thing we consider the most important thing in our existence, when reality doesn't rationally match-up/etc. In this case it was Anna's love for Harry Lime, and then having to deal with finding out that Harry had done, well, what Harry has done.

Well, there goes my top 5 guess. *tears tickets in half*.

Touch of Evil is my #12, and the Third Man is #2. Two fantastic Noir movies. Touch of Evil falters a little here and there, but Third Man is damn close to perfection. My favorite Orson Welles performance, no question.

List facts!
  • The Third Man is Carol Reed's second entry in the countdown, after Odd Man Out (#47).
  • Its IMDb rating of 8.1 is tied for the highest, along with Ace in the Hole, White Heat, Rebecca, and Rififi.
  • The 135-point gap between Touch of Evil and The Third Man is currently the highest from both countdowns.

The Third Man was my #1. It might be my all-time favorite film. One might think it's myriad little quirks wouldn't gel into such an absorbing narrative. But the setting, the pitch perfect casting and performances and that Anton Karas soundtrack make for a singular experience. If you've seen it you won't need convincing about it's distinctiveness and the proficiency of the storytelling. If you haven't, then sit back and hopefully it'll have the same effect on you it's had on so many others.

63 of 97 seen so far.

It’s A Classic Rope-A-Dope
Third Man was my 3. Brings the Cotten, brings the Welles, brings the zither. Love at first viewing. My top 3 could all be 1 on another day. They are the 3 Noirs I think of when I think of the genre, and all in my 100.

2) Out of the Past
3) Touch of Evil
4) In a Lonely Place
5) Night and the City
6. The Killing
7) The Night of the Hunter
8) White Heat
9) Detour
12) Shadow of a Doubt
13) Ace in the Hole
14) Gun Crazy
15) The Third Man
16) The Postman Always Rings Twice
18) The Stranger
19) Odd Man Out
21) Mildred Pierce
22) The Lost Weekend
23) Sweet Smell of Success
24) Crossfire
25) The Big Sleep

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Ah, finally. When I submitted my ballot, I had done some waffling back and forth on how to rank a couple of my top films, deciding on whether or not to put a favorite in second, or a film I thought to be one of the most quintessential and legendary noirs of all time. They both actually qualified for the latter, but I think The Third Man perhaps does so more. I ended up with The Third Man at #2 and putting The Big Sleep at #3, even though I like The Big Sleep a bit more. Today, I feel like I should have just gone with my favorite film instead, but it wouldn't have mattered much.

The Third Man is a film with such a strong artistic presence and style, that it makes you aware of it in pretty much every frame. Its rich shadows absorb you into the proceedings. Someone above said it comes close to being a perfect film, and it's hard to argue, unless you don't like the zither, eh Citizen?

I figured out my top 3 for this countdown almost instantly, and none of the viewings of films I hadn't yet seen came close to changing my mind. There are several legendary film noirs that are just that much better than all the rest, and The Third Man is one of them.

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Those of you who put The Third Man as third on your ballot did it for the lulz, didn't you?

Damn, I should have done that and made Ace in the Hole my #1. Make Double Indemnity my #2.

What would be #4?

Damn, I should have done that and made Ace in the Hole my #1. Make Double Indemnity my #2.

What would be #4?
The 4th Man. It would be marked ineligible since it came out in '83, but it would be worth it.