Movies that are best experienced loud


⬆️ I wonder if The Last Waltz is louder than Tommy? On the first screen of the movie, we are exhorted to “play this movie very loud” (or words to that effect).
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That's funny, my first choice was going to be all the Mad Max films as well. Others that cranked sound is a must are

Saving Private Ryan (Also surround sound is a must)
Star Wars films

Death Proof (pretty much any car action film, I just like these)
Almost any action classic from the 80's or 90's especially Walter Hill films as they have such massive gun sound effects.

Films to never listen to loundly

Beautician and the Beast

None I would say. Prefer to experience the movie, not burst my eardrums.
My Favorite Films

Oblivion 2013, such a good experience i had at the cinema, the movie has a very nice score, and it is to be experienced loud

None I would say. Prefer to experience the movie, not burst my eardrums.

That's exactly how I feel.

I remember watching Wolf Creek at the cinema many years ago and the sound was cranked so loud it ruined the whole movie experience.

Half agree...

When I went to see Avengers: Endgame, they'd only just overhauled the cinema to the new Odeon Luxe.
The sound system was cranked so high it was trying to disintegrate itself. No joke the speakers were rattling the seating bolts out of the floor.

But some movies do need to be watched with the volume up
Anything Spielberg and Lucas. Jurassic, Ready Player One, Indiana Jones, Star Wars's's's...

I think cranking the sound up only really works would be fast action movies that utilise the soundtrack during exciting scenes... Independence Day, 300, MCU movies, Fifth Element, BTTF trilogy, Star Treks's'ss's''s's... even stuff like Rocky would suit a slightly louder volume.
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Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Dark Knight trilogy.
Interstellar is a good shout.

So glad I saw it in the cinema, my hands were white knuckling the docking scene. Film scene of the decade.

Not sure about "loud", per se. But I loved the immersive surround sound experience of Fury Road and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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I should clarify that I don't (necessarily) mean a volume level that bursts one's eardrums. Sometimes a higher volume allows one to hear subtle sounds, such as the background snaps and crackles of the forest in The Blair Witch Project, or The Village; or the whispers of an Oracle girl in 300, or the background whispers of unseen demons in the gift shop in Needful Things.

Just loud enough to hear the quiet parts. If it's too loud in the loud parts that's not good either. Sometimes, the dynamics can be a problem. I have a fair amount of wattage behind my speakers so too much can be unpleasant, especially in a small room. That's especially true when the sound people add a lot of booms that may or may not be believable. Many of them seem to be added for their startle effect and when something like that hits a big subwoofer, it's more annoying than effective. Sometimes I find myself turning on the "Night Mode" on the receiver, which compresses the dynamics, especially at night when someone is asleep and the movie is moving the furniture upstairs.