Movie about mice hiding


I remember this movie from when I was very little. It was about mice hiding from a fox. It was a recorded tape so I am not sure how old it was, but I remember it being kind of dark. It is not watership down or NIMH. I remember one scene about the fox riding across a pond or body of water on a log. I remember it being scary, but then again i was little. The fox was not really a character as much as it was a scary entity. If you need more information just ask but I dont remember much. I just know it wasnt a dream because my brother remembers watching it too.

The Animals Of Farthing Wood?

It's the only one I can think of with non-anthropomorphic animals apart from Animal Farm.

the animals of farthing wood is very similar style, but thats not the film. Neither is Animal farm. Thank you for your help though.

Look this one:

The sailing part is at minute 8:00