Where do you get your movies?


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A total mixture.

I went to see 'Us' in the cinema
I just bought a newly released exclusive artwork version of 'Incendies' BluRay
I watched 'Booksmart' via a link on the internet to my TV
I downloaded 'The VVitch' in 4K as I haven't got a 4K BluRay player yet
I'm off to see a Director's Q&A at my local art house cinema next week

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I also buy books and DVDs at flea markets or using classified advertisements websites bc they are cheaper there. And ofc, I stream movies on Netflix.

I usually buy DVDs from stores and charity shops.

Multiple sources. I still buy DVD and Blu-ray when I can. I rewatch them on occasion when I feel up to refreshing them in my memory.
I also stream from multiple services: Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.
I know also rent from the movie rental down the road and plan on doing the same from the local Library this weekend.