MoFo Top 100 Horror Movies: The List

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Earthlings is the only film on my list that I find genuinely horrifying. I’m actually a former vegetarian, but a lot of what was in that film, including the most sickening footage, wasn’t even from the meat industry. I probably rate it higher than some of the others, but given its subject and the fact that it’s a documentary I knew it wouldn’t get any other votes.

I've seen 10 of the 1-pointers, and while I'm familiar with most of the others, there are a couple that I've never heard of (a Jekyll and Hyde musical with Hasselhoff? Morbidly curious about that one now).

I did consider Pitch Black for my list, but I'm a little tired of it now. I watched it multiple times one day when I was home sick on the couch, since the Movie Network kept cycling through the same couple of films.

I remember being a fairly young kid and seeing a Critters marathon on tv late one evening. Mistaking it for Gremlins, I put it on. It may or may not have terrified me slightly. I watched the first two anyway haha.

I had so high hopes for The Void but it ended up being a disappointment. Nice practical effects though.
I didn't think it was great, but I was really surprised by the effects, especially later when I learned that the creatures were crowd funded on Indiegogo. I thought that was really impressive, and sort of proof that there are plenty of us out there who still appreciate good practical effects in film.

I wanted to give it a shout-out on the 1-pointers list, since I was pretty certain that no one else was going to vote for it haha. I wish more producers would take a chance on smaller, creative projects like this, so I like to support them whenever I can.

Great job Nostromo!

And yeah I was pretty sure the only one I would have seen would be my one pointer.

When a Stranger Calls (2006) is so goofy that I actually found it entertaining enough to make my list of 25. Admittedly the top 24 was easy and then after that it was a tough call for that last spot.

Welcome to the human race...
I briefly contemplated listing either Resident Evil: Retribution or Alien: Covenant purely for the sake of getting it into the one-pointers but I decided I'd take this list a little more seriously. We'll see if my actual #25 shows up on the final list, though.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

Of the ones I haven't seen at least The House of the Devil and Stir of Echoes seem interesting enough to land on my watchlist.
I'd recommend both. I think The House Of The Devil is a better film if you like the kind of film and period it's aping.

I didn't think about the 1 pointer thing. That just happened to be what I had last on the list.
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They could all be sincere answers but it's always tempting to try gaming the system so an absolute underdog of a movie can end up getting even this tiny bit of recognition - of course, the gamble lies in whether or not you really are the only person to consider listing the movie in question (which, let's be honest, I probably could've done with my suggestions).

Welcome to the human race...
If that Twitter account was any more embarrassing, it'd belong to a sitting president.

Great job Nostro! Looking good.

.... Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural was my own one pointer...Obviously wanted to have a one pointer people would recognize as "my kind of a film"...
I had the same idea as you did with choosing a one pointer that would represent "my type of film" which for me was Straight-Jacket. Both GBgoodies and Miss Vicky's 1 pointer are "their type of films" too. I just thought that was interesting.

Both GBgoodies and Miss Vicky's 1 pointer are "their type of films" too. I just thought that was interesting.
When I was scrolling down the list and saw "Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix" on the next image, my first thought was that this has to be MV's film.

Only one I've seen so far is Child's Play 2. Didn't vote for it cuz its terrible.

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To be fair, you have to have a fairly high IQ to understand

Considered Stir of Echoes from that group of 1 pointers but ended up cutting it early when I was narrowing down my potential list.

Pretty sure that Pitch Black is shown on constant repeat here.