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What do you think is the best boutique label for blu rays and/or dvds?


What's the best boutique label for home video releases and why? By boutique label I mean companies/distributors of prestigious or special edition dvds or blu rays, for example Criterion, Arrow, Shout Factory, and Kino Lorber. I think Criterion is the best. They release a lot of great classics and foreign language films. Their releases are restored to the best picture quality possible and they usually have some cool special features. I have around 300 Criterion releases. I have a handful of Arrow, Kino Lorber and Shout Factory releases too. What do you think about the boutique labels? Which do your prefer and collect? Do you have any favourite releases from any of the boutique labels?

I'd go with Criterion for prestige and art house fare and Shout Factory for cult and genre fare and just for the artwork alone. I mean, how awesome is this?