Movie about biohazard weapon, squad of soldiers and a monster.


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Hello people,
I am looking for a movie from the 80s or 90s...

The movie was about a biohazard weapon sent to the moon, but fallen on the Earth, where squad of soldiers was sent on a mission, and the commander of the soldiers touched the capsule with the biohazard material and became a monster. The whole movie was in a forest where one soldier of the squad was alive and was fighting that monster.
The movie starts with this song: Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band and the squad is in a plane or in a helicopter... I do not remember clearly.
For sure it is a low cost movie, and it is not easily findable from the top 50 monster movies.
It is not aliens, predators, dog soldiers, or other movies you will initially think about.

I need your help.
Thank you in advance!
Kind Regards,
Elin Vlasev

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No it is not that. The soldier fighting with the monster was called Trotter or Trottor or something like that...