The Super Mario Bros Movie (2023)


A: I'm not sold on Mario or Luigi's faces or voice actors.
B: I freakin' love the animation for everyone else, especially Kamek and Bowser.

I'm really looking forward to it coming out! I even named my dog Mario

The 2nd trailer lowered my expectations a little...

I'm hanging onto that slim, slim chance that the second trailer kickstarts a petition to seek Mario voice training for Pratt.

I am still very optimistic about this. Really looking forward to it and it is one of my most anticipated movies of next year.

You ready? You look ready
I never liked Mario... but Mario is now a useless goofball who follows Princess Peaches, who is now a kickass heroine with a battleaxe?
Mario has been following Princess Peaches from day one. dude is a simp

Isn't her name Princess Peach? Wtf, I've been saying it wrong for years?

I think not!

I just know they're coming to kill me.
What I'm finding interesting about this one is that, per the trailers anyways, it seems as if it's going to be about Mario rescuing Luigi, and not the cliché romp of him just solely saving the Princess. At least they're trying something different.
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Can't wait to watch it. I'll take my daughter to see it when it's released.

This movie made $6 Billion till now in revenue which is $3 Billion more than Ant-Man and the wasp Quantumania

I'm not expecting big things from this but heck, I grew up playing Mario on the NES as a kid, I can't not see my dude on the big screen for old times' sake.

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Heartbroken to find out that Peaches wasn’t a reimagining of the PotUS song 🥺

The 2nd trailer lowered my expectations a little...
yes, mine too. I recently saw the animation of the "Mavka" trailer and was impressed, but it's a pity that there are only English subtitles, because it's some Slavic movie, it seems Ukrainian