MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


The trick is not minding
If you would have told me that Indianapolis would be destroying Minnesota without Taylor, who is injured again and done for the day, Iíd probably shrug because itís the Vikings.

The Vikings and the Bill's are 2 of the strangest stories in NFL history. Talk about always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Both teams have lost 4 super bowls and both teams over the decades have been involved in some of the craziest games in NFL history I've ever seen. It would be quite the story to see these two meet in a super bowl.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

The trick is not minding
They really donít. Since Iíve posted that they have scored 3 more TDís to pull closer with plenty of time remaining.

Which is great when you have Cousins as your QB.

Which I do.

Benching Brady for Cousins earlier this year was one of my better moves.

Last game of the year and Jonathan Taylor gets 1 carry and is injured again. Nonetheless this has been the greatest Fantasy Football season of all time!

Normally I'd be running away with this matchup thanks to Kittle, but Wilson was a surprise scratch which was huge for Mostert, and after Pacheco gashes the defense all drive McKinnon gets the score, and the Detroit defense gets a return TD, so it's close.

The trick is not minding
Pachecoís fumble hurt as well, but yeah. Is it just me or does Pacheco not seem to get many attempts inside the red zone?

Eagles get in close and it's Hurts rather than Sanders.

Chiefs in close, Pacheco actually stays in, but they can't finish it.

Losing every coin flip right now.

And now Sanders, having barely touched the ball all game, loses a fumble. His first all year.

EDIT: Pacheco's was his first of the year, too.

The trick is not minding
Meanwhile, Iím barely staying ahead of Adam, but I figured that might happen considering I only have Smtih-Schuster while he has Prescott, AJ Brown and Engrams.

Figure Iíd fall behind by the time the 4:00 games begin, but hoping the gap is manageable by that time, as Ekeler and Connor along with Folk and Pats D can hopefully close it out for me, despite him having Hopkins, McLauren, Mixon and Carlson.

Might be a close one, and seems to project to be a high scoring game.

And McKinnon with yet another touchdown, in OT after a Texans fumble, after which they clearly just gave up. That's just about gonna do it, barring some crazy stuff.

Sanders finishes with under two points in a game that's gonna knock out millions of other fantasy teams, too. McKinnon, who only became startable last week, scores three times as much as Sanders and Pacheco combined. Remarkable.

Obviously it's been a disaster of a season, but even with all the injuries there was definitely some hope with this patchwork lineup, particularly if Jackson comes back next week. But hey, this is why those narrow losses down the stretch were crucial: if you don't have a bye, you don't get bailed out if a bunch of random crap happens all at once. Oh well.