RIP mark f


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Mark also finally watched Satantango in 2019 after several years of me pestering him about not having seen this masterpiece. If you're wondering what was his rating of the movie, well, it's not very surprising.

Sátántangó (Béla Tarr, 1994)

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Also, forgot to share this yesterday, but when I started the Free Movie Links thread last year or so, I posted a few titles I couldn't find anywhere. Since I wasn't subscribed to the Criterion Channel (all three of them were on it), he PMed me with his log in information and said I could use his account whenever I want, in spite of me being active here for only about a year. So yeah, as others have mentioned, very friendly guy

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Mark F is the kind of MoFo we should all aspire to be. One willing to watch every movie made, and one who doesn’t judge others for their tastes or opinions in films. We should all have been so lucky to learn from him.

His depth of knowledge and sheer amount of films consumed in his lifetime was inspiring. His anecdotes about watching certain films during their theatrical run were amusing.

The world is a lesser place in his absence.

My condolences to you, Sarah. Oscar chat wont be the same with out his presence.

Mark also finally watched Satantango in 2019 after several years of me pestering him about not having seen this masterpiece. If you're wondering what was his rating of the movie, well, it's not very surprising.

Same as A Night to Dismember!

Seems about right.

I'm gonna miss ya big guy. Wherever you go when you die... they're gonna need a bigger boat. Thank you Sarah for letting us know.
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This news hits pretty hard. Sorry for your loss Sarah, your father was a great man.
I felt a strong kinship with him about Movies, Spielberg, Cats and Family.
He was always a big contributor to that family feeling I often feel around here.
I will miss him greatly, RIP my movie brother.

genuinely can't imagine this forum without him. i rarely think to check the movie tab/rate the last movie you watched threads these days, but i randomly stumbled into one the other day and the very first thing i noticed was that there hadn't been a mark f post in a little while. no offense to the rest of you, but i can't think of another boarder whose weeklong absence i would ever notice like that. but mark was such a steady presence and this is such a titanic loss for his family, for us, and i'm tempted to say even for cinephilia as a whole because i'm not sure i've ever encountered a movie fan with his passion, knowledge, or generosity. a truly inspiring person who can't be replaced.
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I'm so sorry Sarah. I loved your dad. I think most of us did. Yes, he was a movie expert, but behind the movies are our emotions, and how we connect our emotions and relate to other human beings on here. I'm so sorry. I know he was going through a lot of health problems, but I just can't believe it.

I have family over, and I can't stop telling them how much Mark meant to me, and this entire community.

I don't know who he is as I'm new, but my sincerest condolences just the same. I lost my father two years ago, and I know how much it hurts. I'm sure your father was a good man.

oh gosh i am so sorry for your loss. i sadly never interacted with him but i always read his posts in the "rate the last movie you watched" thread. he's an iconic poster and a beloved part of the forums and is dearly missed

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Mark F is the kind of MoFo we should all aspire to be. One willing to watch every movie made,
An impossible task. Every time someone created a thread about your favorite movies of a particular decade or some such, I was blown away by Mark's huge list of movies. I admired him for it.

I first met mark on another site (I know, remember when other sites existed? ) and he was much like he was here, (without the comfort of beng a fixture, of course) but the thing which struck me after a few enquiries and discussions was just how many films he'd seen and how well he could recall them. Since I was a small child I'd been 'the movie guy' among my friends and, well, pretty much anyone I knew. Suddenly I had one of those for myself and it was really cool. Years later he came here and I asked him if he was the same mark f as on the other site, which of course he was, and it was so nice to reconnect and feel as if I'd found him again.

Other than our shared love of Jaws (yeah I've got Charlie's Angels at #3 on my 100, but I've got the same #1 as mark so I must know something, right?), the main conversation I remember us having was about Paths Of Glory, a film he really loved.... And cried at the end of obviously. I think if I'm known for anything on this site it's probably my love of Drew and dismisal of Kubrick, so when I saw Paths Of Glory (a film I was in no rush to see) I was surprised that I quite liked it. Not hugely, but it instantly became my favourte of the Kubrick films I've seen (which wasn't hard, but still.) For one of the few times in this site I wrote in nerdy film speak and wrote a long PM about the sound editing, use of long tracking shots and stuff like that. I got a reply addressing some of what I'd said (and added extra facts and discussion about one of the scenes I'd especially liked) and also asking if he could post that PM on the site. I asked why he'd want to do that? I can't remember what he said exactly, but I do remember he seemed annoyed. Annoyed that I'd question it (I was my usual suspicious and cynical self in my reply) but I also felt he was annoyed that I didn't show that side of me on the site and he wanted to display it. Maybe to encourage me to do so more often? Maybe to show others something akin to the HK he'd met on that other site when my love and passion for cinema was so much stronger? Maybe just to show that the guy who has Charlie's Angels at #3 on his all-time list does actually know what he's talking about (even if he doesn't care about it) and, maybe this says more about me than him, but I felt in that exchange that I'd seen the teacher side of him then. That I was like a pupil who had shown that he could do it, but wouldn't do it and what I was seeing was not his anger at me but his frustration with me. A frustration which I think eventually gave way to acceptance. At least, I hope it did.

The other thing which always came across so strongly on this site was his love of his family. His close friends too, of course, but his family was all to him and I'm pleased that he had one more Thanksgiving with you all. I know how much he loved that and how happy it made him.

Lastly, he was the first person on the site to whom I bestowed the moniker of Mofo Royalty. There've been a few others, but he was the first to inspire me to think that way.

I nearly died 5 1/2 years ago and when I talk about it with friends and family and things get to the lump in your throat/what if it hadn't gone well stage, I tell them the same thing. I'll tell you all the same thing now, as well as to remind myself of its truth - be thankful for the extra time we've had. Let's just be happy that we've had it for however long it lasts and know that I'm thankful for every extra day I've had with you.

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It makes me think that one day as a child Mark walked into a movie theater and never really left.
I've been showing my mom this thread and she said to tell you you nailed it with this description. We both really appreciate all the love everyone's been sharing here. Thank you all!
I always wanted to be an f.

RIP Mark. My condolences to you and your family Sarah. I got choked up when I saw the thread and I continue to get choked up as I read the sentiments. Community matters no matter where we find it and Mark knew that as evidenced by the time he took for personal threads and all the stories we are hearing here.

Like a lot have said, when I discovered a new gem I always found myself searching the forum to see what Mark thought. One time I remember seeing Mark had watched a movie I had been championing in a hall. So I knew he hadn’t seen it, and it gave me that little jolt others have mentioned having the same experience. His gifs in my birthday or anniversary thread always felt the most personal. Was constantly amazed and not just how many movies he had watched but his recall for everything about them, even outside of the actual film.

He will definitely be missed.

Just signed in to post for a few minutes at this deeply sad and terrible news.

Mark was one of the most knowledgeable guys and was always lovely to talk to.

I once sat in PMs and had a conversation with Mark about our tastes in movies, our faves, and he was genuinely interested in my own favourites and kept asking questions about my top 10, and the conversation eventually got round to me asking him if there were any movies he didn't like.

He sent me a 2 page response explaining that there was pretty much none.
He loved cinema, and everything about the process behind movies of all types, and he loved to gather info and loved to study everything he could about everything he watched, no matter how bad anyone else said the movie/s were, he was fascinated by almost every movie he'd seen.

Mark was a real fan of movies, and a true cineaste.

RIP, Mark

Only been here a couple of years and Mark seemed to be a cornerstone. I can't really add anything more that hasn't already been stated. Just that he seemed to enjoy my twisted humor.

I've been a member of a sports forum since '00. We have had our share of disappearing members through the years and also wondered what happened to them. With that being said, thank you for posting this Sarah.

Thoughts for your family and RIP Mark.

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Ugh, just ugh. Thanks for sharing with us, sarah f, when you probably would rather be doing something else.

I can remember the VERY FEW times I made it here and beat Mark to the punch in posting some bit of actor/actress news. I always felt like the queen of the world if I could get here before he did. I'll admit, though, it was RARE. He was always so sharp and so on the ball about all things related to movies.

Many hugs and prayers of condolence to your entire family. May the God of all comfort surround you in these days.

Wow. I've been reading this forum
without an account for years. I am truly saddened by the passing of your beloved father, Sarah. I agree he was MoFo Royalty, Honeykid. Absolutely.

Just a thought here. I mentioned earlier about our sports forum (Detroit Lions) and about twelve years ago we lost an icon in spike714. Our administrator added this banner at the top of the page, a quote from spike. Maybe do something like this also, or am I out of line.

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