MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


Kicking myself for dropping Watson earlier this year.

Of course, with how injury prone he was to begin the year, own can hardly blame me.
Nah I'm a homer packer fan and he had no business being owned anywhere except maybe Dynasty leagues

The trick is not minding
Losing 2 in a row and 3 of my last 4 is not a good sign. Need to finish strong in the next 3 games to keep my spot in the playoffs.

It is absolutely nuts how much guys can fall off their game. Russell Wilson looks like hes been sucked into a black hole and completely forgot how to play football. He's probably always gonna be my favorite seahawk QB. But damn, it's just rough to watch at this point.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

A system of cells interlinked
Made a couple of bad roster errors again!

Not going to matter, though.
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

Made a couple of bad roster errors again!

Not going to matter, though.
Same, and whew. The only thing worse than losing is losing by the wrong decision.

I've been sitting on Pacheco and White all season and was really just hoping that one or both would emerge before anything too bad happened. Then Javonte out for the year, Kupp now, and...I think I may have just made it. Suddenly both look startable, and with Denver dropping Gordon the plodding Murray could be regularly seeing 18-20 carries, too.

Man, if Kupp hadn't gotten hurt (and at the end of a meaningless game, too) I'd actually be feeling pretty great about things. Also would've held onto Kelce if I'd known so many of my backs would finally end up with regular playing time, too, which basically started a week after the deal, but that's how it goes.

.... and with Denver dropping Gordon the plodding Murray could be regularly seeing 18-20 carries, too.

The trick is not minding
Last year my issue was RB injuries. This year it’s WR. After already losing Batemon for the year, and Brown for the last month, Doubs (admittedly inconsistent), I have now lost Robinson after trading for him from Yoda.
Neither of us won on that trade, considering we both lost the players involved for the year.

Thankfully the pool is deep for WR, with some drop off in terms of production.

We should all do a tally of our losses, and whoever has the most wins the MoFo No-Prize.

I'll go first -

Breece Hall - out for the year
Melvin Gordon III - kicked to the curb by Denver.
Trey Lance - out for the year

3, it just felt like more.

I don't want to jinx it, but my injuries haven't been too bad, so far. I am still afloat in Week 11, which was not true in the previous two campaigns. I have lost (or barely used)...
  • Darren Waller (TE) - hasn't played since Week 5, possible he may come off of the IR before the end of the dreadful Raiders season
  • Rashaad Penny (RB) - season ended in Week 5. Had only one great game. If I had Kenneth Walker III, no worries. Unfortunately I could only pick up DeeJay Dallas, who was useless.
  • Gus Edwards (RB) - has only played in two games for Baltimore. Looked like he would be ready to return (again) this week...but alas. Could still make some starts for me (fingers crossed).
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Just win, Baby. I was slightly favored (for once) in the projections. It came down to the fourth quarter of MNF, but I managed to prevail and win by ten points. I started out 0-2 and this is the first time I have had a winning record at 6-5!

Derrick Henry got me off to a great start on Thursday Night Football as Tennessee crushed what meager hope Aaron Rogers and the Pack had left. "Only" 87 yards from the King, but he ran for a score and threw a nifty TD pass, too! 26.36 points was a darn nice cushion up front!

My second-best RB, Raheem Mostert, and my most consistent WR, Christian Kirk, were on BYEs. Which left some serious holes to fill. I threw Raven Devin Duvernay into the fray and was forced to play Chief Jerick McKinnon in desperation after Gus Edwards' hamstring trended the wrong direction and was a gameday scratch. Devin caught only one pass and had one short run (1.20) and McKinnon had just 24 yards rushing and caught one ball...which he fumbled and lost (0.90). NOT suitable replacements for Kirk and Mostert. Clearly.

I am down to Bear Cole Kmet as my TE, and though he had five TDs in the previous three games he regressed to only three catches for 35 scoreless yards (5.00).

Even with Henry's great game I was fading fast. Except in my FLEX spot I started Saint Jarvis Landry, who I picked up off of the waiver wire. He only had three catches for 33 yards, but one of them was a TD (10.80)! Hall of Famer to-be Justin Tucker had only an OK game with 7.00, shy of his projection. What saved my butt on Sunday was The Washington Commanders' DEF. They held Houston to 10 points with five sacks and two interceptions, the first of which was a pick-six. That earned me 19.00! Yee-frickin'-haw!

To stay in front I needed Justin Herbert not to suck. And he did not! The Chargers lost to Kansas City in a close one, but though it ended with an INT he did pass for 280 yards and a couple TDs for 23.20. Not amazing, but not crap. Good enough!

Going into MNF The Empire had only Jimmy Garoppolo left while I had Deebo Samuel. As long as Jimmy G. didn't throw for five TDs and have nothing go through Deebo I seemed to have just enough of a lead to hold serve. Garoppolo had FOUR touchdowns in what turned into a rout of Arizona down Mexico way, BUT Deebo had 94 total yards and a rushing TD - his best game since SF acquired Christian McCaffrey.

These are big ifs of course, but IF Derrick Henry and Justin Herbert can continue to do their things and now that my major BYEs are done I get any kind of consistency from Deebo Samuel, Christian Kirk, Raheem Mostert, and maybe even some late production by Gus Edwards....I can at least be competitive going into the home stretch here.

Here come The LOVE Brokers? Sixth place?!? Come on!

What a weird season. First I loved my team, felt like one of the best two or three teams. Then after Javonte I thought "well, still pretty good but maybe like the 5th best team." Then Kupp goes down and I think "might not make the playoffs, huge longshot." Then three of my stashed backs all finally start getting playing time, and now I'm thinking if Kupp had been healthy I'd be one of the two or best three again.

Still time for it to whiplash twice more before Christmas, though.

As many bad breaks and bounces as I have endured over the previous two seasons, enough of them are going my way so far this campaign that I have made a very unlikely wobbling climb into fifth place. I know. I can't believe it either.

I had zero players going in any of the three games on Thanksgiving, but I watched PW's squad mount a respectably healthy 44.40 points from three players and his kicker. I was saved a bit in that Pollard had his numbers kept in check by the return of a Zeke Elliott and that somehow Saquon Barkley was limited to only 52 yards and a single TD when he was expected to run hog wild. Underperforming or not, forty-four points is a decent sized hole to overcome.

My Sunday began with my two starting RBs, Derrick Henry and Samaje Perine, facing off against each other. When Joe Mixon went down I was the lucky one able to scoop up Perine from the waiver wire. He did not have the three-touchdown performance he did against Pittsburgh last week, but he did well with 93 combined yards and a TD (17.30). On the other side, King Henry was kept in check almost all day until a highlight/lowlight/highlight play where he streaked for 69 yards on a short pass. He seemed end zone bound, but on the ten yard line Bengal cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt caught him and punched the ball free - only Henry's second fumble of the year. Luckily for Tennessee the ball continued forward into the end zone and their rookie WR Treylon Burks, who was trailing the play, recovered for the TD. Bad news for me and other Henry fantasy owners, we could have used those ten yards and ESPECIALLY that TD. He finished with just 48 additional yards beyond that play and did not score, which left him at 13.20 versus his 17.54 projection.

I had a third RB in my FLEX spot, Baltimore's Gus Edwards, finally able to return to the lineup. He had some decent pushes and a TD, but The Ravens catastrophically failed in the red zone over and over again, eventually giving the game away to The Jaguars, and Edwards' hurt his fantasy number when he lost a fumble. Still got me an OK 9.20. Justin Tucker picked up his slack with 15.00 on an extra point, three short field goals, and one 55-yarder. He tried to break his own record to give Baltimore the win. His 68-yard attempt was on line but about three yards shy. Those five extra points would have come in handy.

Both of my WRs had quiet days. Christian Kirk had four catches (6.10) in The Titans' loss and Deebo Samuel had only three plus two runs for zero yards (5.80). Neither scored.

It really came down to the 4:00 window and our QBs. He had Geno Smith leading Seattle against Vegas, I had Justin Herbert's Charger's battling Arizona. Geno had another solid game though lost thanks to Josh Jacobs' record-setting day, landing a few points over his 20.74 projection. But Herbert tossed for 274 yards and three TDs, plus ran for another 38 including a 2-point conversion which gave him 34.76 fantasy points and me a five and-a-half point margin of victory.

That will land me in fifth place, when the dust settles on Week 12.

I don't have a lot of confidence moving forward to what may be a playoff birth. Perine is only viable as long as Mixon is out. Raheem Mostert was a scratch this week in what could have been some very easy sledding versus Houston, but even when he returns he is fighting with Jeff Wilson for playing time. Which means I may have to hope Baltimore can course correct their red zone issues and Gus Edwards can rack up some points while not blowing out his hamstring again. Wide Receiver wise I have a couple options. Deebo and Kirk are reliable enough plays, though McCaffery is definitely stealing some of Samuel's thunder. I left 19.30 and 16.80 points on the bench this week with Bill Ian McKenzie and Charger DeAndre Carter. But The Bills have so many viable offensive options that you can't tell who the hot hand will be week-to-week and now that Keenan Allen is back Carter's targets may decrease severely. Tight End wise I have that hole thanks to Darren Waller's lost season. Cole Kmet had been surging, but he is unplayable as long as Justin Fields is out. I started Waller's replacement Foster Moreau today and he did have three short catches, one of them a TD. But Vegas's offense is so shaky, fantasy wise, once you get past Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs. Even so, if Henry has some big games with multiple TDs (which he seems overdue for) and Herbert can light it up a bit...who knows? I didn't think I would make it THIS far.

Gonna lose a crazy nailbiter to Spaulding, barring some scoring change.

Was even closer than it looked, Packers were an inch (and a blown PI call) away from scoring late which would've swung it, too. That and like half a dozen things from Thursday onward.