MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


Welp! I'm throwing in the towel. Anybody wants someone from my team come and get him. As long as you're offering a live body in return, I'll probably accept.
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I’m not sure which user is WhentheLeveonBreaks, but I wanted to say I really did like the trade offer, but due to RB depth, I can’t mark the trade without leaving myself thin. With byes coming up, I need all three.

Wanted to explain why I had to reject it.

The secret to success: Score more points than everyone else while also having the fewest cumulative points scored against you. I've cracked the code to fantasy football! Gnaw my nuts, Matthew Berry!

Testicles aside, I'm a little surprised to find myself atop the standings this deep into the season. I have a strong team, but I certainly don't think I have the best team. The key for me has been consistency. While most of my players have lacked the big spiked weeks, they've provided me with a remarkably consistent floor. I've scored at least 100 points eight straight weeks. (Unfortunately, Patterson forgot the winning formula last night, finishing with a paltry 2.5 points against a Panthers team that gave up 50+ to Joe Mixon just a few days ago, putting my streak in jeopardy if my other players don't meet their projections.)

Rhamondre Stevenson (7th round) and Tyler Lockett (11th round) turned out to be phenomenal draft picks, as both guys currently rank within the top ten at their positions. I'm also glad that I invested a 3rd round pick in Mark Andrews. He's been banged up the last three weeks, exiting one contest early and missing the last game altogether, so Kelce has put some distance between them in the rankings, but for most of the season those two have been in a tier of their own at a position that feels more like a crapshoot than ever before. I wish I had traded Michael Thomas after he started the season with two great weeks. The toe injury was reported to be minor at the time, but that dude would take six months to recover from a paper cut, so of course he eventually got placed on IR and is now done for the year. Jeff Wilson has been my only waiver wire acquisition. He provided me with a few productive starts, then I traded him right before his value bottomed out in a deal that netted Chris Godwin, who hasn't shown much of a ceiling, but is good for 8-12 points every week. (Although Wilson's stock is trending up now that he's in Miami.)

I said after the draft that I was already second guessing Dalvin Cook over Derrick Henry. That looks like the wrong selection thus far, as Henry has scored nearly 50 more points. Trading Davante Adams for CeeDee Lamb shortly after the draft also looks like a bad decision, although I'm optimistic that trade might even out or swing in my favor by season's end now that Dak is back. I've also had a few trades rejected that ultimately benefitted me as the players I was targeting either got injured shortly afterwards or have severely underperformed. I'd love to make a big move before the trade deadline next week to set myself up for the playoffs, but I haven't done enough research yet to determine which players have the most favorable remaining schedules.

As for the talk a few pages back about having an auction draft next year, I'd be willing to give it a try if that's what the majority wants, but I'm not particularly enthused by the idea. I'm a cheapskate in real life, and I worry that I'd treat my imaginary fantasy football dollars as if they're real currency that will roll over into my bank account if I don't spend them, leaving me with a team of bums who nobody else bid on. Who knows, though -- it might be fun. A new challenge. New strategies.

I definitely think I'd be in favor of switching up the waiver-wire system to FAAB. I like that our current settings don't reset the waiver wire priorities every week like every other league I've played in, but that priority ultimately ends up feeling like a hindrance to me. Once it reaches a certain point (like right now, as I currently have the #1 priority), I feel like I have to save it for that potential lottery ticket that most likely won't materialize. It'd be nice to be able to at least put in a small bid for certain players week to week that I miss out on under the current format because they don't warrant blowing my waiver wire priority that I've built up over the course of the season.

I remember when the Fantasy Football league was so hot around here we had to make 2 leagues just so everyone could play. Now the Fantasy Baseball league seems to be the favored son. I think to try the Auction style of Fantasy Football would be worth it. It would be something fresh.

Well hello Jonathan Taylor! For 10 weeks there I thought I drafted Cadillac Williams. Me and Justin are actually having a game, right to the wire.

TONGO 114.18
Justin 114.10

I have Dallas's Kicker, and he has their Defense, theres 9 minutes left in their game against Green Bay

Oh great, now it's tied and could go into overtime. Still less than a point ahead of him.

Dallas lost but I won and Justin had a 27 point projection advantage over me.

My top two players are Derrick Henry and Justin Herbert. If one or both of them don't get near their ceilings I have little chance. Except for today.

Ryan Tannehill was back at QB for The Titans and while they managed to get the win King Henry was not a key part of the victory, registering his lowest fantasy number of the year, 7.70, which was sixty-seven scoreless yards. The Chargers looked unstoppable on their opening drive, but ultimately they could not outlast The 49ers despite completely outplaying them in the first half. Herbert finished with only 14.04.

With my two studs combining for less than twenty-two points I should not have been competitive. But nobody told the rest of my guys. The Dolphins did indeed feature Jeff Wilson as much if not more than Raheem Mostert, but today there was still plenty to go around thanks to the porous Cleveland defense. Wilson had a great fantasy day while Mostert had a good one: 65 yards rushing, four catches for another 22, and a TD (16.70). Yes, you read that correctly: Mostert more than doubled Henry's score.

That was surprising, but only a footnote unless at least one of my Wide Receivers can contribute big. I had to choose between Charger DeAndre Carter and Bill Isaiah McKenzie in my FLEX spot...and I chose wrong, of course. McKenzie is pretty far down the depth chart in Buffalo and made almost exactly his projection at 7.50 in the dramatic shoot out with Minnesota while Carter wound up being a good target for the depleted Chargers with four catches for 64 yards and a TD (14.40). Ooops. My worry that the 49ers acquisition of McCaffery would greatly decrease Deebo Samuel's role continues to be justified. Deebo had only 51 scoreless yards. BUT...Christian Kirk continues to be one of my best draft picks. Jacksonville fans have grumbled about how much money he is making since the move from The Cardinals was announced. But in fantasy terms he has wound up being a bargain. He was my eighth pick. I took Hunter Renfrow before him. Well today Kirk grabbed nine catches for 105 yards and a pair of TDs in the loss to Kansas City. 27.00 points? Yes, please and thank you.

Which left my TE. Darren Waller has been my most disappointing pick. I very excitedly took him with my fourth pick and he has spent most of the year either too banged up to play or at least to play well. Not that The Raiders aren't a disappointment overall, but Waller has scored only one TD. That was in Week Two. He hasn't played at all since Week Five. This week he was officially put on Injured Reserve. Waiver wire time! Always an encouraging task this late in the year in a twelve-team league. Cole Kmet was one of those hyped players before the season started. He rose to the middle of the draft pack for the position. No guarantee, certainly, but there appeared to be some serious upside potential. The Bears started out lousy again, and Kmet was almost literally useless. He had zeroes his first two weeks. Tongo drafted him with his twelfth pick, dropped him after Week Two. Understandably. The Censored Clowns picked him up for a whole week and quickly jettisoned him. Understandably. He sat unclaimed for weeks. Weeks where he never had a double-digit fantasy day, only twice topping 5.00 points. In Week Nine out of nowhere the suddenly free-to-roam Justin Fields found him for a pair of TDs and 19.50 fantasy points. That is when my desperate butt scooped him up. I started him Week Ten...and he got another two TDs and 74 yards for 21.40! Ummmm, wow.

Behind the unlikely trio of Christian Kirk, Raheem Mostert, and Cole Kmet I crested a hundred points for the fist time in three weeks and beat the fourth place Wylde Wolves by nineteen points, bringing me to 5-5.

If I can get occasional performances like that in addition to the regular numbers I usually see from Henry and Herbert I may actually be competitive?
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This is the most boom or bust team I have ever run. No clue what will happen from week to week.
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

Probably my worst week of fantasy football, ever. I'll have to check if this'll be my lowest score but if not it'll be close. Two players leave early, including my best player, so not exactly a shocker there.

Very plausible the last trade I made will be a huge, huge mistake, but too soon to say. Still think Wilson might settle into a significant time share with Mostert, but if he doesn't I probably just lose the deal. Ditto if Moore keeps gobbling up that many targets. That said, Cooper has a higher ceiling, and if that ceiling rises when Watson comes back it's just as plausible I end up being really glad I made it. But obviously the first week after couldn't have gone much worse.

Mikey says his team is as boom or bust as it's ever been, but he's actually describing...everything.

A system of cells interlinked

Mikey says his team is as boom or bust as it's ever been, but he's actually describing...everything.
This is an interesting point. Has pretty much everybody's team been vacillating wildly week to week?

This is an interesting point. Has pretty much everybody's team been vacillating wildly week to week?
Some more than others, definitely willing to believe you've had it the most, but yeah I'm not sure the NFL's ever felt less predictable, at least in some senses. I've been saying that the last 5-6 years running, though.