MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


There's a defensive player for the Bears named Kindle Vildor, which I'm like 75% sure was a character on the original Star Trek.
With a name like that Im surprised hes not playing baseball.

Jonathan Taylor sure doesn't have to worry about losing his job to Deon Jackson , but Jarred Goff lost his job to Justin Fields on my squad. Justin Fields is the QB for

My god my fantasy team is feckless this year. They are completely without feck!
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

The trick is not minding
I may have wiffed on my WR position, but thankfully the balance from my RB, TE, K and D make up for that.
Especially Walker and Ekeler.

I’m going to continue to ride those two all season long barring any injuries.

Yeah, Walker is legit. The Seahawks are a trip. As their franchise QB leaves town they draft a right tackle and a left tackle plus Walker. Then arguably their best defensive player goes on IR I think in the first game of the season. And here we are 9 games in and they are just smashing people. They just beat down the Cardinals today. My fantasy team stinks but at least my real team looks like they are gonna be fun to watch.

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I am not going to the playoffs. Just wanted to clear that up!
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I somehow upset the top seeds twice head-to-head this season, but it didn't happen again this week.

For me to compete with the big boys I need several of my fellas to break their ceilings, which is an unrealistic expectation week-to-week. It certainly was in Week 9.

As always if I have any shot at all Derrick Henry has to be at the forefront. He had a spectacular first half, nearing a hundred yards and a pair of TDs. Unfortunately the Chiefs realized by the second half that the kid at quarterback just plain wasn't going to throw the ball so they clamped down on the run and even King Henry couldn't get anything going. The Titans lost a winnable game and instead of getting into the thirties or forties my big back stalled at "only" 23.50.

Raheem Mostert actually scored an early TD for Miami, but he did almost nothing else in that high-scoring game, couldn't even reach double digits, and it looks like newly acquired Jeff Wilson may be more effective. At least he was this week. So much for Mostert being the clear number one. That was short-lived. We'll see how they draw it up against Cleveland.

After starting out strong the first three weeks Christian Kirk had fallen back to Earth but he had a very good game against Vegas, 76 yards on eight catches and a TD (17.60). Who I really needed a BIG number from was my QB, Justin Herbert. Coming off of a BYE week in what could potentially be a high scoring game with Atlanta my hopes were high...and The Chargers promptly dashed them. They did eek out a late win, but Herbert was quiet with only 14.10 Fantasy points. Ugh.

Even after all of that I did have a narrow path to victory. I had three Ravens going in MNF: WR Devin Duvernay, TE Isaiah Likely, and surefire Hall of Fame kicker Justin Tucker. I needed 43 combined points from them, which clearly is a lot. The rookie Likely gave me some hope with an early TD, subbing for the mighty-but-injured Mark Andrews. Unfortunately that 24-yard score was his only catch. He had four more targets but Baltimore found it far too easy to run against New Orleans all night. Tucker did his part with 10 Fantasy points, but Duvernay had only one five-yard catch and I finished 22 points shy of the upset.

Hopefully I get Deebo Samuel back this week.
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