MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


Let the night air cool you off
I would love love love to do this but we'd need the majority of owners to support it, I think. Anyone else interested?

It's more time, and more work, but on the flipside everybody has a shot at every single player.
I'd be interested in trying. Never done one before.

The trick is not minding
How does auction work exactly? How much do you have available to “bid” for a player and what determines his starting bid?

How much do you start off with for the purposes of bidding?

The answer to almost every question is "it's up to the league." I think $260 is standard for a budget, but beyond some base level it barely matters, since everyone starts with the same amount.

Opening bid for each player is usually determined by who nominates them, which is the thing you take turns doing instead of just picking.

The trick is not minding
Wow. McCafrey to San Francisco. CMC should now see a huge stat increase going to a better offense.

This also now impacts Wilson’s value, whom Yoda’s just traded for. Ouch.

So Carolina trades for Mayfield and then trades away CMC? Wow... Spock probably would have said that's "Fascinating"
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

This also now impacts Wilson’s value, whom Yoda’s just traded for. Ouch.

Don't worry, I've already accepted it's just one of those years and I'll just have to cling to dear life the whole rest of the season, probably.

The trick is not minding
Congrats to Adam and Justin. That's a big boy trade right thar'
Lol. I was actually considering making an offer to Adam for Chubb, but I was trying to figure who I could offer to make it enticing. I took too long, and now I’m too late.

Blockbuster trade right there.

The trick is not minding
My WR situation is a mess. No real threats outside of Brown, who is injured and his production will drop off due to Hopkins return, and Pittman who is saddled with a subpar QB.

Good thing I have Ekeler and Walker

Edit: Smith-Schuster actually just scored, and has put up back to back weeks of great production, so maybe he has finally turned a corner. Perhaps I shouldn’t have switched him out at the last moment for Doubs. 😑

Liked my chances right up until both those RBs scored touchdowns super late in the game. Walker's particularly nuts since Seattle was basically killing clock at the time, and Ekeler's was just pure garbage time.

Don't even need to wait for MNF, my Week 7 is done. And somehow I have emerged with a victory!

I had to make a crucial decision before the Thursday night game. Darren Waller was listed as questionable for Sunday's game against Houston and the only other TE on my roster was Tysom Hill, who's Saints were taking on the Cardinals Thursday. If Waller played he would be projected at nearly nine points and way overdue for a monster game. Hill was only projected at 4.54, but if I waited to see about Waller and he was a scratch I would have to do some waiver wire shopping looking for a last minute TE. I started Hill. Thank goodness. On Saturday Waller went from Q to O and Hill had a good little game, scoring an early TD. He seemed to vanish in the second half, standing on the sideline in the loss against Arizona, but still managed 9.62. I'll take it!

Christian Kirk was part of the gameplan again with 101 combined yards on seven receptions and a run. A TD would have been nice, but Jacksonville is finding them difficult to come by. Wasn't sure how much McCaffrey's presence would effect Deebo Samuel's usage? Still not sure as the Kansas City defense bothered Garoppolo too much leaving Deebo with only one rush and five catches for 6.90.

I went back and forth on who to FLEX: Detroit's Josh Reynolds or Baltimore's Gus Edwards. Ultimately I went with Reynolds figuring his game script may be more advantageous. It wasn't. He caught only one ball, late, for eight little yards in the loss to Dak and Dallas. Edwards on the other hand, thanks to the injury to J.K. Dobbins, found himself the Ravens' starting back! The way Baltimore divides their carries, that doesn't necessarily mean much. Today it did. With Gus on my bench he scored a pair of TDs for a whopping 18.60 versus his 2.78 projection. Dangit.

Leaving that many points on the bench usually leads to a loss, but even though Justin Herbert had a disasterous first quarter some garbage time drives let him get up to a respectable 21.62 Fantasy points. Derrick Henry had a very good day with 128 yards rushing and another 10 receiving. Unfortunately for me and Tennessee he did not get a score, but 15.30 is still plenty good.

By the time SNF rolled around the Parrotheads were done, and even though Jamar Chase had a monster day nobody else exploded and The Jaguars' James Robinson laid a goose egg. The target was set at 105.76. I only had one player left but it was Miami's starting RB Raheem Mostert. He was projected at 12.24 and I needed him to crest 14.42 to win. If he didn't score he would need a game like King Henry's. Happily he caught a TD pass on the opening drive, leaving a goal of only 6.32 points the rest of the way. He didn't score another TD but easily cruised to 18.90 points giving me a nearly 5-point margin of victory.

Had I started Edwards over Reynolds it would have been a blow out, but I will graciously accept the win! I went from fearing I had nobody in my backfield to go with Derrick Henry to now having a pair of legit number two backs in Mostert and Edwards. Did not see that coming.

Week 8 Herbert and the Chargers are on a BYE, and frankly they can use it. We'll see what my ragtag bunch can do in his stead.
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