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What everyone "knew" about the JFK assassination in 90s.

Yeah, I always have very mixed feelings about this one. Watchable though.

Just about everything I think I know, I've learned from the movies. And this isn't even my own thought (Steve Martin says this in L.A. Story).

Theatrical, special edition or whatever the newest edit is?

You've gotta go with the bootleg restoration versions like Project 44K and Harmy's

I really enjoyed this film, despite the fact that K. Costner is/was nothing like New Orleans. D.A. Jim Garrison. I've studied dozens of books on the subject, and this film comes pretty close to the truth.

I was 19 when Kennedy was assassinated, and the whole country went dead for a couple of months. It wasn't until well after the Zapruder film was released to the public in 1970, showing that at least one shot was fired from the front right, did the suspicion start taking hold that it was a conspiracy, not a lone nut.

Oliver Stone combines documentary and drama styles together about as well as anyone. Another good one: Snowden (2016).

I've just learned there is a sequel from 2021 called JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass which I haven't seen, so I'm looking forward to that one.

OK, I'm 45 minutes into EMPIRE of all things. And yeah, Warhol was a cinematic idiot when he thought of this. By the 20 minute mark I was thinking to myself, "if I see one more ****ing helicopter!"

So far, the coolest thing was seeing a cloud grow and shrink to nothing. And when darkness strikes, the colorization becomes beautiful. But still, this isn't exactly something I would "recommend" to anybody. Unless there's a spy climbing down the Empire State Building with blueprints for a spy hideout in his butt.

Pan's Labyrinth

Rewatch at Prince Charles Cinema (will they be renaming the poor place?). A gorgeous film.
Not something Iíd normally like, but this would sway any sceptic.