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Manderlay (2005)

Manderlay falters in that it is a political experiment outright where as Dogville began as a more typical drama and slowly chipped away at its roots in traditionalism. It also suffers from being the middle picture which ends on a cliffhanger in a trilogy that never was. Bar those two shortcomings, it is certainly a poignant statement on race in America that only an outsider like Trier would have the nerve to present so bluntly. A quite abrasive affront to liberalism and an excellent retort to the many incarnations of the white-person-saves-the-day narrative.


Breaking the Waves (1996)

Trier at his sweetest and funniest makes his habit of enlightenment through suffering, often for the audience as much as the characters, all the more devastating. The scenes in the church alone cement Emily Watson's performance as one of the best Trier has ever captured which is quite the compliment.


Trial on the Road (1971)

My second tour through the apocalyptic mind of Aleksei German, Trial on the Road is a trek through Soviet snowscapes filled with gutsy criticism and dotted by visionary craft, however suffers from romance and propaganda overcoming narrative sensibility.


The Pest (1997)

Aggressively bad. Highly recommended.

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Kung Fury, short, 2014

I've seen some mixed reviews of this on here, but I thought it was a very funny pastiche of 80s action movies and video games.

I really like Manderlay too, don't get the hate.
With somebody as divisive as Trier, I'm almost more surprised when people do like his stuff.

The film is nothing like The Guest, if you're referring to the Adam Wingard flick. That film was a throwback to 80's horror films, disguised as a modern thriller. The Boy Next Door is exactly what you said it was, a big budget lifetime movie starring someone who desperately is trying to stay relevant and sexy. She fails on both accounts as does the film. We've seen crazy psycho boyfriends before, the actor playing him does nothing new for the character. He gives menacing stares and physical threats. Give me something more conflicted with him.

Genre wise, they are nothing alike either. The only things in common is that someone has a new person enter their life and they won't leave. Something that happens in a lot of films. To compare these two is just weird....in my opinion of course. I don't want to come off as too stern or a sour puss.

The Guest is an under seen flick from 2014 that has 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Boy Next Door sits at 10%, deservedly.
No, you're not a sour puss, and I did think The Guest was a little better. I do see my share of Lifetime movies courtesy of my wife though, and at least from my perspective, that movie fit in the Lifetime mold. That being said, some of those movies are fun to watch.

I have to return some videotapes.
The Boy Next Door (2015)

I got this movie for my wife because she likes all those crazy Lifetime movies, and I figured this would be something similar. Well, she thought it sucked and I enjoyed it. It is dumb as hell, but I thought it was funny and easy to watch. It reminded me a lot of The Guest, and I would say they're fairly comparable in terms of quality. J Lo looked good in this too.
Thoughts on the epi pen scene and Guzman memorizing The Iliad? Some of the best writing in all of cinema!

Daniel Barnz
Although this movie is very slow, it is perfectly executed and delivers quite a strong and optimistic message. The acting is great, and I thought the ending was perfect. It just didn't do too much for me, but I definitely enjoyed the artistic aspect about the film.

Peter Landesman
First of all, I thought the title of the movie was very misleading, especially since I hadn't seen any of the trailers out there. However, Will Smith did a terrific job in the movie. I did think that the movie was a bit too slow, most likely because there wasn't really much content to build a story with. The ending is predictable, but since it's a true-story, I guess we can't really blame the writers for that.

Thoughts on the epi pen scene and Guzman memorizing The Iliad? Some of the best writing in all of cinema!
Hehe it was all ridiculous, but my standard are not very high.

Okay so I am new on the Terrence Malick and Andrei Tarkovsky train. (Don't kill me)

Days of Heaven 7/10- Undeniably the Nestor Almendros Cinematorgraphy was breathtaking at certain points. I like that we never stood in one location/scene for more than 3 mins. I just felt that it took a lil too long to get to the "problem" or plot point. The climax however makes it worth it.

Solaris- 9/10 (Nope haven't watched the Soderbergh remake) I went in knowing this was an art film and that the amount of dead silence would be equal to the amount of dialogue. Despite it being really long, I enjoyed exploring the psychosis of Hari and Kelvin. The movie made me want to come back to earth the minute I got there, the interaction with the other characters was unsettling.


Requiem For A Dream - 8.5/10 Great movie but I dont wanna watch it twice....
LOL definitely a movie I can only watch once a year.

Welcome to the human race...
Probably the best film of the year. Why didn't you like it?
Too damn quirky - not only that, it's quirky in a way that I should like (what with the barrage of cinema references and flatly sarcastic lead characters) which only compounds things and made it a bit too disappointing. At least the soundtrack is good.

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I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
Iro's Top 100 Movies v3.0

Being hyperbole about everything is better. In fact, it's THE GREATEST THING YOU CAN BE!!!!!!!!

Finished here. It's been fun.

The People Under the Stairs

Rest in Peace, Wes.

The Big Short - 2015

Watched this movie about a week ago. Ton of bloated information that can leave you dizzy if not done entertainingly. I'm still not sure of the meat of the movie to be honest. Kind of just hang on while all these charismatic leads keep you abreast of the proceedings with their performances. I wouldn't call it dumbed down for the masses, I just think it is entertaining enough that you can follow all the financial jargon without being completely bored and lost. Everyone did really great in the movie especially Carrell and Bale. It's actually kind of emotional at the end when it all comes to a head.

Only beef with it is it paints only the banks and Wall Street as scapegoats in the economic meltdown. While they did have a HUGE hand in the deal, the government was not innocent in the events either. It almost feels like a 2 hour campaign for Bernie Sanders, who Adam Mckay donated a lot of money to, come to find out. It's not so in your face with that message that it ruins the movie though. I was definitely in the dark about what happen in the economic crash in 2008 and this helped me understand it better. At least got me interested in learning more about it for myself, which any good movie will do make you think about it after you watched it. I can see it being nominated for a lot of awards but not winning many.

I'd give it 3.3 out of 5

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101 Favorite Movies (2019)

Welcome to the human race...
Being hyperbole about everything is better. In fact, it's THE GREATEST THING YOU CAN BE!!!!!!!!
It's too late for that.

Carol -

Wow, those women are really good friends.

To Be Twenty (1978)


This is an Italian film about the misadventures of two hot, young girls who become friends, and decide to make their way to a commune in Rome. For the first 90% of the film, it plays out like an erotic comedy. It's fairly amusing and the girls are nice to watch. All of a sudden, you get a very upsetting ending which gave me the jolt I needed to save this otherwise below average movie.

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Hell and High Water (1954)

After reports pof an atomic bomb going off somewhere in the North Pacific, a submarince crew leave America to investigate the source.

This is definately a weaker Fuller movie and despite a decent enough ending, which was the best part in the whole movie, this really is a quite forgettable wartime/submarine flick.

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