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Never Let Me Go (2010) (Recommended by Citizen Rules)

I did a very short comment about this movie earlier in "Citizen Rules...Cinamaesque Chat-n-Review" thread, but I just wanted to elaborate a little bit about it here.

Never Let Me Go is drama about a love triangle between two girls and one boy who are clones, and destined to lead very short lives until they become organ donors for "real" people. This is a very emotional movie about love, life, and betrayal. It features great performances by Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield.

It has a science fiction theme about clones, but it doesn't feel like a science fiction movie at all. It's a sad movie that will make you think about it long after the movie is over.

I highly recommend this wonderful movie.

Last movie i watched Automata.. And my rating to this movie is 7/10..

It's basically what happened in Toy Story 3, but for an individual instead of a group.
And it's much better when it's called Toy Story 2 than when it's called Toy Story 3.

A movie should have some entertainment value.
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Art house mafia in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
If you insist, before Minio shows up with GIFs, my only issue with it is (most likely) the phrasing. Saying "A movie should have some entertainment value" as opposed to "I prefer movies with entertainment value" is a big, important difference. The latter is a statement of personal preference (if a narrow, close-minded one) whereas the former is an application of personal preference to film in general that constrains and limits the medium. I think there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the second statement, but kg's statement is an offense to creativity in filmmaking, though I'm sure he really just meant he prefers entertaining movies.

I am straight and enjoy being straight therefore people should not be homosexuals.

That film and the tv series aren't the same. That's the 1972 Hammer film with Peter Cushing, not the American TV series and spin off films of the same name.

I'd rather watch the Hammer film.

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Heaven Can Wait 4/5 stars (Lubitsch)
(thanks for the recommendations, guys)
If the acting was better, this would be undoubtedly one of the greatest movies of all-time

Singin In The Rain
3.5/5 stars

gardens of the night

a compelling story about complex relationships and the struggle to find contentment in a life full of sexual deeds as it's all they've known since they were kids. This is the darkest roll I've seen Tom Arnold take on as he's usually the comedic but this time his shares similar characteristics to dylan baker's role in "happiness", caring and empathetic yet sick and disturbed.


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Heaven Can Wait 4/5 stars (Lubitsch)
(thanks for the recommendations, guys)
If the acting was better, this would be undoubtedly one of the greatest movies of all-time
??? It already is.
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The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Persepolis (2007)

One of the most enlightening movies about how things became what they are today in Iram! Also, the animation is great and the story really well paced! Loved it!


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Asylum of the Dead - 1/10

This is a serious blunder on every conceivable level of execution: acting, directing, writing, all of it. It was a massive chore to get through that neither I nor my girlfriend were happy about (but we're both pretty stubborn, so it happened).

Haunt - 4/10

While far from great, this was at least an obvious and immediate improvement over Asylum of the Dead. It was slow, lumbering and generally boring for most of its entire run-time, with some false starts and misdirection along the way. It actually came together pretty nicely in the end, though, with a well-done "twist" (to use the term loosely) and a satisfying final ten minutes. If only it could have sustained its end-quality throughout the rest of the film...
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Winter Calls Thy Name


Fun action flick which lost steam in the last act. Some of the effects were fantastic.

4 WTFs out of 5 WTFs

Do I watch it again? Don't think that'll help. Ruminate on it and let it become understood somehow? Probably won't happen. Do I have a clue? I have a few, but they're probably wrong. Thanks Mr. Lynch for throwing me for a loop.

First post here yay -

Anyway, yeh, Lucy. 3/10. Couldn't get past the whole using your 10% of a brain thing. Seemed like a silly idea to make a high budget sci fi film based on :S

The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926)

I feel like I'm underrating this, but I'm pretty happy considering that I didn't think I'd like it. At another time, I would've probably loved this. At this time, I'm probably just spoiled, or maybe it's just the type of look that I'm not used to in a movie. For it's age, the animation is much better than I anticipated. The color schemes are beautiful to look at; fortunately, I watched it with all the lights off. The music is excellent, and the story is nice as well. I appreciate this nomination for the movie tournament, as this is the oldest surviving animated film, I felt that I was watching a significant piece of film history.