Real Steel (2011)


Real Steel.

This movie looks great, really entertaining and the trailer looks cool. its released around october and stars Hugh Jackman and is directed By Shawn Levy ( Date Night, Night at the museum).

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I think this movie has promise. I'll definitely be checking it out.
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Looks terrible.
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I don't understand the point of robots fighting. The only danger is the threat of damage to your machine...? Who cares? What's the drama in this film? That he might run out of money to build his robot? That sounds as exciting as trade blockades in space (I'm looking at you Episode One).

It stars Hugh Jackman. Therefore it'll be much like the man himself, bland and forgettable. I've not watched the trailer because I couldn't come up with a single reason to do so.

kind of remiend of old twlight zoneepsidoe were boxing was fading so they but robots in the ring.

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Just an amazing film never boring always has something happening. just in my opinion great and Hugh jackman just is lovely and the young boy is a very good actor. I heard that they actual made them robots not when they are fighting a jumping but they actually build how cool is that, i know what i want for my birthday!

Great movie. Much more than I expected

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Reel Steel was interesting, I must admit, I liked Jackman, and the robots as well. I'll join those who say the film borrowed a lot from the "Rocky" franchise, but hey - it's fighting robots we're talking about. Cool film, memorable.

There was no way I was going to see this because of that trailer.