Rodent Is Back


You know, if BTTF was made today, Marty McFly would be going to 1994 and listening to the classics... like The Prodigy and watching Stargate
If it was made today the main character would probably be called Martina McFly and performing Spice Girls at the High School dance, zigazag ah..

Geez that's a lot of news, of all kinds! Sorry to hear about some of it, delighted to hear about other bits. Feel free to vent or unload details if you want, here or in PM, wherever. Or not. Just nice to see you.

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Welcome back, Rodent!!!

Glad to see you back around.
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Glad to see you around Rodent. Very sorry to hear all you got going on brother. I will be throwing prayers your way my friend.

I'm really sorry to hear about what has been keeping you away, but I'm happy to have you back and I hope it's for a long time to come. I've genuinely missed seeing you around the forums.

Good to see you old boy. Hope you managed to squeeze in a Who Framed Roger Rabbit? viewing or two.

You know, if BTTF was made today, Marty McFly would be going to 1994 and listening to the classics... like The Prodigy and watching Stargate
No he woulldn't, he'd watch a good film.

Really sorry to hear about the news, mate, here's hoping it's a good while yet and they can give you some certainty. Good to see you around the place again though.
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Hey all, wanted to say think you for all the welcomes and encouragement

As per my novel...

Currently still writing that 3 part fantasy novel... and...
I'm not sure exactly what it is about this piece of music, but it snapped me out a a writer's block on more than one occasion.

Think Tolkien crossed with Game Of Thrones, Enid Blyton, and JM Barrie.
And mix in every conceivable trope from every movie imaginable.

Just thought I'd share

Hey all, been a while.
After the sh*tstorm of 2021 and then 2022 hit as well which ended up being worse.

I was hoping to be back on MoFo for longer than I was when I returned.

Sadly, life intervenes and my online time was cut to almost nothing for the past 18 months again.
Been dealing with more family deaths during 22 and 23, and had a diagnosis myself as well which I've been told there's nothing that can be done about it.
They're also completely clueless as to life expectancy. Might be a year, but I might have another 40 years, and after months of tests and scans, they just don't know.
So basically I've been prepping just in case.

Figured I'd check in on you guys and say hello.

The good news, is I've almost completely written a 2-part fantasy novel with my daughter.
One of those bucket list things to finally get the story I've been planning in my head for literally 20 years onto paper

Hope everyone's been ok recently
Any news?

Bit more news on this...

My 2 part novel is now a 3 part novel.
and I've been writing like a nutcase to get it done

The first two parts are a combined story taking place over a 70 year period.
Part 3 is a separate book on its own, dated 10 or so years after the original book.

I think by the time all 3 parts are done, they might be around 400,000 words combined.
Just shy of LOTR

And yet... not much happens
Still taking ages to get written down though.

That's super cool!

I am maybe the busiest I have ever been, but if you're okay with me promising to read some of it but having absolutely no idea how much, I'd certainly love to try.