Badlands - Predator spinoff film starring Elle Fanning


Let's hope this one actually makes it to theaters

Elle Fanning is nearly 30...

Prey was fantastic, so look forwards to this one.
I shortlisted Prey for my yearly fantasy list, but I still found it a bit jarring that a creature capable of taking out an entire squad of battle hardened veterans who are made of 90% beef, 10% tobacco... and a team of hardened cops in a city filled with violence, none of which stand under 6ft 4... getting bested by someone who weighs 80lbs with absolutely no fighting experience.

They need to go back to the roots...

Hot climate area, filled with violence.
Mogadishu, early 1990s, First Gulf War.

Think Sahara from 1943 and the remake from 1995, crossed with Black Hawk Down...

The only movies to actually follow canon are Pred 1 and 2.
Even AvP set the movie, for some reason, in Antarctica. No war, no heatwave etc etc... and the cast were all flimsy paper--armed millennials.

Predator is about heat, war, and 280lb muscleheads getting their asses handed to them.

Like Aliens...
Tough soldiers, coming across an enemy they underestimate, even with all their might and power.
Makes for a more interesting story than a Predator being beaten by a child whose only experience of action is Call Of Duty on a PlayStation.