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Two more movies, I've not seen and I don't want to see. Why? One because it's a Tarantino and the other because it's a horror film.
How many from the list have you seen so far?

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The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino is a director whose films are equivalent to drugs like cocaine or heroine. Yes, both in terms of the addictive nature and the harm they do to the recipient. But they are excellent pieces of work.Why do you think movies like Stronger or Hostiles or Southpaw or black-mass or out of the furnace or concussion and many other feel good/"important" movies are shut out of the Oscars ? whats the difference between a movie about journalists on lifetime channel and spotlight ? well the number 1 rule about Oscar movies for the most part is nuance and entertainment value of the movies. Movies should never feel like history lessons or preachy. So Tarantino movies check most of the boxes an academy voter would look for in a movie. Entertainment value , Well developed characters, Character driven story line, risky subject matters, casting actors for their talent rather than their star power (for the most part) or identifying obscure actors and pushing them in to stardom or reinvigorating actor's careers.All these are things that the academy loves so much .They love original content that is not based on an IP.But at the same time the movie should not be apologetic for its vision. Something like wolf of wall street was never apologetic for showing the debauchery of the characters. Even at the end they show how white collar criminals are treated in prison and society is always willing to hire them to learn from white collar criminals. Nice little bows at the end of the movie are not welcome. Audience need to feel the punch of the movie. Even Tarantino movies are highly stylized , so his nice little bows are also stylized and has a certain amount of parody to them.
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Get Out

The story is your classic "weird house with weird people" one, but unlike many other ones this one had social commentary to go with it. I think that makes it really stick out, and differentiate from many other horror movies in this vein. I was laughing pretty hard sometimes, especially whenever Root would say something, or any time Rod appeared on screen (who is played by LiRel Howery, another pretty new actor). And how the family tried to act educated and socially aware while still coming off as pretty damn racist since they are still guilty of racial profiling was pretty clever.
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mark f

The Hateful Eight (Quentin Tarantino, 2015)

A group of bounty hunters, outlaws and other characters spend a violently-eventful day at a snowed-in stage rest stop.
I couldn't find any ratings/reviews mark f wrote for Get Out.

Neither film made mark f's ballot.

The Hateful Eight was #11 on the MoFo Top 100 Westerns while Get Out was #39 on the MoFo Top 100 Horror Films reboot.
"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream it takes over as the number one hormone. It bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to Film is more Film." - Frank Capra

The Hateful Eight is decent enough but wasn't on my long list for this let alone my final ballot, not at all surprised to see it make the list though. Get Out, on the other hand, was - it was my #14 and by my reckoning will most likely be the third last I voted for to make an appearance.

Seen: 65/82 (Own: 40/82)
My ballot:  


terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

Forgot to watch Birdman yesterday since I spent two and a half hours figuring out Kindle's self-publishing and finally got my digital novel out. But thankfully I have seen both of these. Neither are five stars. Hateful Eight needed a LITTLE work on fleshing out the story, but it was still an emotional thrill ride. Get Out was better, but not QUITE five stars. It wasn't scary enough throughout.

The Hateful Eight is pretty good and has a ton of suspense, but it's my least favorite of Tarantino's 2010's-era films. It was never in contention for my ballot (which is interesting given how it was originally my favorite film of 2015 when I first saw it).

Get Out is very good, though it didn't make my ballot either. Though it wasn't in contention either, I'd choose it over The Hateful Eight.

Two more movies, I've not seen and I don't want to see. Why? One because it's a Tarantino and the other because it's a horror film.
I don't know what your reservations are with most horror films, but if it's due to shying away from gore/violence, I'd say Get Out is more of a suspense horror film if that's more your thing.

The Hateful Eight is a whole lot of fun and it features some really strong performances. Iíd probably rank it as my third favorite Tarantino, but I would not rank it among my top 25 of the decade so it did not get my vote.

I havenít seen Get Out.

Seen: 45/82
My Ballot:
7. Joker (#60)
8. Django Unchained (#27)
11. The Man From Nowhere (#95)
14. Inside Out (#59)
20. Jojo Rabbit (#89)
25. Kitbull (One Pointer)

Reviews in My 2010s Countdown Preparation Thread

My Most Recent Review For The Hateful Eight:

The Hateful Eight (Quentin Tarantino, 2015)

This is Tarantino through and through. Lots of colorful characters, lots of colorful language, lots of tension, and a whole lotta violence. Throw in a big heavy dose of that badass motherf***er Samuel L. Jackson (and a riotously funny story about his warm black dingus) and you have got one hell of an entertaining ride, even if it is a bit overlong.

It was at the end of my ballot, but while I only gave Get Out two of its 209 points I could not leave it off of my list. So clever and thrilling and witty and funny and unique. A knockout, fun, thoughtful ride.

That makes a baker's dozen of mine.

4. Incendies (#30)
5. Take Shelter (#67)
6. The Artist (#87)
8. Silence (#43)
9. Birdman (#21)
10. The Revenant (#53)
11. The Favourite (#61)
14. Nightcrawler (#55)
15. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (#72)
19. Silver Linings Playbook (#24)
21. Room (#97)
22. True Grit (#40)
24. Get Out (#19)

The Hateful Eight over Django? I give up. Itís not even funny anymoreÖ

It might in fact be my least favorite Tarantino. Iíve come to enjoy it okay, but I think Iíd honestly rather rewatch Death Proof, which seems to be the general pick for worst QT flick. Thatís a lot more fun and condensed, instead of this 3 hour cabin fever flick with what is probably QTís most over-written dialogue. It almost sounds like he spoofs himself.

I honestly thought Tarantino had pulled a Wes Anderson and gotten lost in his own brand of filmmaking, but then he made Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which was his most mature and restrained script in years. Very interesting.

Victim of The Night
Birdman was my No.3.
Get Out was my No.13

(Sorry, that "Wow" was for Hateful Eight, which really shocks me to see on the countdown at all.)

I don't know what your reservations are with most horror films, but if it's due to shying away from gore/violence, I'd say Get Out is more of a suspense horror film if that's more your thing.
I don't like really tense films with people constantly fighting for their lives so I pretty much avoid modern horror.

Hateful 8 is not the Tarantino from the decade I chose. It would certainly be in my 100 for the decade. Got all the Tarantino goodies plus I really like how it becomes a confined setting movie after starting in a beautiful snowy vista.

Get Out is the second movie to show that I didnít vote for but thought would be top ten. I liked it more the second time but it still has a weak third act for me. It deserves to be here, and the praise it gets. Peele is one if the most unique and imaginative directors working. He makes me second guess the way I think about horror. I am immediately interested in anything he does.

I haven't seen Hateful Eight because Tarantino has become such a low priority for me. I know some people really dig his stuff and see him as someone who indulges in his pet enjoyments to fun effect, but increasingly I find his movies this weird contrast of really good stuff (ie the performances) and stuff I can't stand (ie the dialogue. Every time someone praises his dialogue I feel fundamentally disconnected from the universe. It's the most artificial, try-hard sounding language to my ear, to the point that the emotion I actually feel listening to it is vicarious embarrassment).

Get Out didn't make my list, but I'm really pleased to see it pop up here. It was an excellent film to see in the theater, where the audience had incredibly strong reactions to what was happening on screen. At the end when (SPOILERS)
WARNING: spoilers below
the police car pulls up with the flashing lights, the entire audience GASPED
. I also have found it very rewarding on rewatches.

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The truth is in here
I'm honored my review of Get Out got a mention. That being said, the fact that it made it this far is kinda shocking and a bit absurd. I mean, where the hell was The Babadook, The Conjuring or Don't Breathe? Far more shining examples of 2010's horror if you ask me.