A thread for campy or intentionally bad films


Anyway. Are we allowed to mention Bruce Campbell in here or is it considered cheating ?
Bubba Ho-Tep is obviously cheating. Mindwarp? I'll allow it.

Woah. Bruce Campbell PLUS Angus Scrimm !!?
And it's not very good! But not a waste of time either.

It's nice to see some people on here who rate things similarly to me. Enjoyment is almost everything for me. I think the last time I watched 2001 I gave it 1/5? Maybe I bumped it a half as I found about 40 minutes in the film which didn't bore me rigid? I can't quite remember. But my rating isn't telling anyone that it's a 'bad' film in terms of manufacture, only in terms of my enjoyment. If I call it crap it's because I think it is. Not because everyone else thinks so. Though how they're enjoying it I don't know.

I don't remember who it was (and I can't be bothered to check) but on the previous page someone mentioned a Kong film. In tribute to this thread, I give you my favourite.

Something a little less well known now (at least, it was to me) but if you don't know the name Lindsay Shonteff keep an eye out. There's not a great deal (that I've found anyway) but all that I've seen is gold for this kind of thing. I wholeheartedly recommend both of these.

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Halloween III

I've watched this and I enjoyed it.

"She carries a pair of 357 magnums that can blow your head off. And a pair of 38's ... that can not."

I see what he did there. I just don't know why.

"How tall is King Kong ?"
I was so baffled by this movie a a kid. Saw bits of it with cousins of (roughly) my age, who were adamant that it was a james bond movie.

Oh the efforts to capitalize on the actor's family without getting too specific. Also (as opposed to Bernard Lee, Adolfo Celi and Daniela Bianchi) Lois Maxwell is shown but not credited ? A stain on a perfectly stimulating trailer.

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