MoFo Fantasy Baseball - 2020 Signups


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Hello, all! Happy 2020! I'm glad to be back after a disappointing 2019 in both of my leagues.

I got the 8th pick, which I'm pretty okay with. I think I've had a top 3 pick for most of the last several years, so it's nice to change things up. Not sure if I think any of the spots are much better than the others, apart from maybe 1st, since I think Trout is still markedly the best ballplayer.

Regarding stats: I'm against removing holds, outright, because I think baseball really highly values relievers right now and holds is a good way to signify that these 7th and 8th inning guys are really important. I'm similarly against merging to saves+holds, because it makes our rules devalue relievers, while real baseball is clearly moving in the opposite direction.

For sake of discussion, I've played "home runs allowed" for pitchers and hated it. Even though some pitchers have tendencies to give up home runs, the stat still felt pretty random and duplicative. I've never done K/BB, but maybe that would be okay if done in tandem with merging to "Saves + Holds." Are there any other pitching stat options that look interesting?

For hitting, I'd propose switching OBP to OPS (on-base plus slugging) or, alternatively, switching AVG and SLG, so we'd play with OBP and SLG.

Here's the list of stats:

Another pitching idea could be merge to saves + holds, add in "relief appearances"? That would reward managers to have relievers that are used a lot, and not punish managers when their relievers come into the game in a tie (where a save or hold isn't possible). An argument against that combo might be that "Saves + Holds" and "Relief Appearances" are too redundant?

Another one to consider is "Inherited Runners Scored," but that feels a bit off to me. The opposite, "Inherited Runners Stranded," seems more fair, but isn't available. It's the right idea, but the former seems like it would work against top relievers who often have to come into games in the toughest situations (e.g. runners on second and third, nobody out).

I think I'm against dropping holds. Only because what's been discussed doesn't really sound better to me so far. I'm down to try new things tho so if I get out voted I will roll with it.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Holds have the exact same rules as Saves except they don't have to come at the end of games, so in that sense they require less in the way of circumstances. It's more about manager use, but they more than make up for the predictability of closer usage with the frequency with which they change closers.

Anyway, sounds like there's no clear consensus on alternatives, so I guess we'll stick with what we've got.