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Heard this for the first time a few days ago and thought you might like the metion of a certain film in the lyrics.

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Fairport Convention - Autopsy

First positive thing that happened to me in a very long time. Finding this song. I've been a fan of Sandy Denny (and FC) for a long time but went all out, album by album, starting from the beginning. What I love about is that a folk band is doing jazz with a marvelous singer (I usually prefer instrumental 50s West Coast "cool" jazz) or Bill Evans alone on a piano, but when a woman sings, it's better. I'm kinda tired of males.. Same with movies, too, hence, my "Favorite movies centered around a woman". There's many ways of expanding, and this is just another one. Maybe I'll only wanna watch a movie about old people now that I'll be 40 next month. If I make it.


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Chicago - Searchin' So Long
(their 70s ballads were great.. in the 80s - everything they did from then on was shit... Pankow wrote this, but Cetera sings it)

Well, here's another great ballad, this time written by their main song-writer, and STILL lead singer/keyboardist (who I might see next month) but sung by Cetera

Chicago - Never Been In Love Before

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I never heard this!

I can't even find it on their YouTube channel. I'll have to find a way to download this. This is amazing. I also love studio chatter, and how different a song starts, and develops.

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Sandy Denny - Gold Dust
One of her last songs.. A few said she "sold out" because it's a little funky. So what? Does folk have to be boring? "Autopsy" is jazzy, but that's "respectable" I guess. I personally don't like any original genre, and like "bastardization" or just blending things. Never liked 50s rock, early reggae, Robert Johnson blues, Benny Goodman dancing jazz, early funk/soul, etc.. It became great when they .... it's like baking a cake or some nice meal. The ingredients matter, and how you use them. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes it isn't.

Anyway, a great vocal, months before her death.

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Fairport Convention - One More Chance
Not only a great vocal, but when the song goes into the minor chord, it gets REALLY great... And the guitar solo is bluesy, but emotional, not technical... And the drums are good, but they also sound like REAL drums because they are real drums, without silly shit screwing up the sound of acoustic and the organic.

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October 30, 2022
Ready yourself for the battle!

Apologies, I’ve been re-bingeing Game of Thrones. What I meant to say was ready yourself for ‘The Battle’, an album from Michigan-based multi-instrumentalist known as Loyal Opposition. Having played all over the world, this one-man band is a powerhouse of independent music; writing, mixing, mastering – you name it, Loyal Opposition does it and in that regard, does it well!

In first track, ‘D.E.A’ the listener is acquainted with Loyal Opposition’s atelier of allegretto alacrity, opening with a sensuous arpeggio from the kittenish guitar progressions. If you think you know where this track is going, forget what you know and be transported across an abruptly grimy and visceral twang of rock-infused mania.

Rippling out into a discordant patchwork of speaker-rupturing chords, the intrepid drumbeat sews together the track’s monomaniacal imprint of chaos, embellished with a gory syncopation.

Meshed together with a disunity of in-your-face dynamics, ‘D.E.A’ reaches a cloud-piercing crescendo that could shatter glass, mirroring the unpredictable meanderings of life – sending you on a twisting trail of mayhem that requires no lyrics to express its emotive value.

Although I think the track needs a little more of a refined cohesion within the instrumentation, you can hear how experimental and creative Loyal Opposition’s production process is, having an audible passion for the mastery of music.


Another track from the album that caught my eye (or rather, my ears) is titled ‘Mixed Combinations’ which has a much more controlled texture than ‘D.E.A’ and an eclectic composition which is genre-defying!

Ornamented with a jollified playing of the piano, a punchy drumbeat attacks the track with an envenomated progression, violently circling the mirthful tone of the piano’s melodic structure.

Looming over the track, the guitar ripples over the air like an everchanging cloud, tying together this brontide of eccentric instrumentation. Ebbing through a mix of loud-quiet dynamics, the initial andante tempo is sent hurling through the storm of belligerent drums, as the track progresses, setting the harmonies ablaze.

Having performed all over the world, the influences from a plethora of cultures is prominent within Loyal Opposition’s work, however I don’t think every element within the track blends together as seamlessly as I would’ve liked, I found myself confused as to the emotional context behind ‘Mixed Combinations’.

That being said, I love how Loyal Opposition is emblematic of independence, after playing in bands since the age of eleven and having experienced musicians who didn’t take their artistry seriously, he set out to only rely on his own talent.


The last track we’ll be looking at from ‘The Battle’ is named ‘A Shorter Idea’ and is probably my favourite track from the album!

Entering into a vibrant dalliance between the zesty guitar and buttery bassline, you have a recipe for a beautifully fluid melodic structure that isn’t overshadowed by the youthful drumbeat.

Combining to create a tone that sports a shade of an archaic Western flick, you can envision a battle-wearied anti-hero entering the town’s saloon, plotting his greatest revenge at the bottom of a whiskey glass.

Loyal Opposition paints this picture effortlessly, jam-packed with a shadowy harmony between the instrumentation that perfectly compliments the sultry tempo and almost susurrus dynamic.

The woody timbre of the guitar is addictive in this track, as smooth as brandy with a fiery kick that I keep returning to, especially as it melts over the smooth rhythm the track exudes.

Unlike my opinions on Loyal Opposition’s previous tracks, this song displays a gorgeous marriage of every element and is as cohesive as it is romantic.


Overall, I think if Loyal Opposition clarified the direction of his music and controlled the instrumentation he employs, he could be one to watch out for!

Loyal Opposition has been releasing music on a multitude of online sites since 2005.

Till next time.

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The Temptations - The Prophet

if you only have a second, at least listen to the riff during the (A#) "From a far distance land" -- beautiful strings..