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Judy Garland Speaks | The Autobiography Tapes


OMG, Judy Garland didn't know how to read music? I never knew that! I've always considered myself sort of an expert of Garland's life and career and I have never heard this before. She sounds drunk.

She sounds drunk.

I'm Jerdyyy Garland, ask me anythingggeeee!

OK, I crawled into bed last night and listened to this in its entirety last night. This 90 minute commercial for the dangers of substance abuse was one of the most creepy and heartbreaking things I have ever listened to. I was hesitant about listening to this because I was afraid it would shoot to hell all of my conceptions regarding Garland that I wanted to keep in cinematic hope chest and that's exactly what it did. Per You Tube, I have seen television interviews with Garland where she was clearly under the influence, but this was much more difficult to experience because it felt like she was sitting right next to me. I have never heard a celebrity in any form of communication have so much trouble putting two sentences together. Early on, there's a point where she's trying to tell a story about something Liza said to her when she got home from school and she kept fumbling over her words for almost ten minutes and when she finally managed to verbalize what Liza allegedly, said, it made absolutely no sense. The majority of the tape was an angry lashing out against Sid Luft and those two lawyers who took over her career after she and Luft divorced, Fields and Biegleman, I think were their names. Her anger about how much money these three men stole from her and her complete inability to do anything about it was harrowing to listen to because she sounded so messed up and unable to do anything about her anger. It goes without saying that during the final third of the tape, she started singing, but I couldn't help but burst into tears. I wish I hadn't listened to it now.

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Many people say that you shouldn't meet your heroes, or learn about them, but it only humanizes them even more. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I prefer the truth...

Having said that, I'm not sure if I've listened to all of this but I'll listen now... until something else comes along I guess.

I haven't listened to the tape, but I'm sure all of her accusations re her husband and managers are true. She had a sad end with booze and drugs.

I had the pleasure of doing a show with her in 1965 in Cincinnati. There was no one who had greater star power and audience adulation than she.