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Favorite Movie Posters


I've always been a sucker for hand drawn movie posters. Here are my top 5.

1.Raiders of the Lost Ark

2.Star Wars: A New Hope

3.Gremlins: Rerelease

4.The Goonies

5.Back to the Future.
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that's what she said...
Wow cool, I didn't know Starwars and Back to the Future was hand-drawn. They look great!

As for one of my favorites, and this will not come off as a suprise to anyone
Nicolas Cage
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Damn I used to have that No.2 Star Wars poster on my wall. Totally epic. Looks amazing.

I've always liked this poster. With the eyes wide open and hand over a mouth with deep red lipstick, there already is a hint of humour and self awareness in the poster. Simple but effective.

This poster wasn't used over here when it came out, but wish it had been. It's so subtle and cool and more or less gives a good idea about who Tom Stall is without being too obvious about it. The fact that the Maria Bello character is looking straight towards the the gun and Tom Stall looks directed at the antagonist's face with what looks like a quarter smile is an excellent exercise is encapsulation. And it's badass.

I think that the title itself is awesome, but I will always have a love for poster of the noir style.

Thanks for sharing the posters of these movies...
I like these posters.

Lots of posters for my favorite movies:

And finally, the poster for my favorite film, framed and hanging up in my room...

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006) and Laputa/Castle in the Sky (1986) had some pretty ballin' movie posters.

Okay, not exactly ballin', but it's very pretty!

I love anime movie posters in general. I'm just a sucker for the style.

Favourite movie posters? This is definitely a topic for me
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Name:	andrzej krajewski - the big lebowski.jpg
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Name:	andrzej p▒gowski - o bi o ba.jpg
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Name:	jakub erol - raiders of lost ark.jpg
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All of them (except Drive) are designed by amazing polish artists
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Name:	jerzy flisak - conversation.jpg
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Name:	mare p│oza doli˝ski - dziewczyna i taksˇwkarz.jpg
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Name:	wies│aw wakulski - dziecko rosemary.jpg
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Name:	wiktor sadowski - the baby of macon.jpg
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Name:	james white - drive.jpg
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