Don't look Up (Dir. Adam Mckay)


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The cast looks insane. The only casting I am surprised by is that of Leonardo dicaprio. Adam Mckay doesn't fit the bill of the directors he usually works with. He doesn't really have the legendary status other directors have. He is not a director oscar winner.

I can see all others signing up for a netflix movie but his casting is a surprise especially considering his box office draw and this movie could have easily been released by proper studio theatrically with his involvement and made its money back.

From all this, I can only imagine that his role would be glorified cameo at best. Like a celebrity warning general public about the impending doom.

Not that I really care about this kind of stuff, but just for fun I looked up Adam McKay and he does have directorial laurels. He seems to be an up an coming director and so I'm not surprised he could pull in a large talented cast of actors for his next project.

McKay’s most recent feature, “Vice,” earned eight Academy Award nominations. In 2016, he won the Academy Award, BAFTA and WGA for Best Adapted Screenplay for “The Big Short.” He also wrote the screenplay for “Ant-Man” and “Get Hard,” and directed films like “Step Brothers,” “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and “The Other Guys.”

Saying he's not a big deal because he has no Best Director Oscars is weird. He has two nominations. Pretty sure most actors consider him a big deal.