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Well, since you went to the library to get it you might as well watch it
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So, you spent your time taking a film from the library for free that's highly applauded by everyone in the world, and you're question is should you, now that you have it in your hands, watch it? I find it absurd you came to a forum to ask something like that. Now if your question was "I just watched Psycho and I don't get the hype" then we could have a discussion.

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check the trailer if you really like it then you may choose watch it or not ...

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If you're asking should you watch it, then you shouldn't.

Put it back in the library for someone who actually wants to watch.
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No. Go and watch Joe Dirt instead. Epic.
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you should watch it, it will be a new experience and if you do not like it, when people recommend another movie to you and they compare it to this one, you can say ya sure.. or no I didnt like one very much.,,, the choice here is clearly up to you. My recommendation is for you to keep your options open and who knows in a few years someone may be describing this movie and you may be able to answer their question.