Movie Title need help please


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Hello people,

I remember a movie I once saw when I was a kid, but can't for the love of God figure out what the name of that movie was. Tried everything, hope you guys can help me!

The only thing I can remember is that there's a scene in which you see scientist in a room. One of them is the star player. So this professor activates a portal of some sort within that room. I believe it's a portal to the future of some kind. Anyway, he goes in and arrives in a Mad Max kinda looking world. The only thing after that which I can remember is that people are shoting at each other. In the end the scientist has learnt how to dudge bullets and while people keep shooting at each other he has found a way to re-activate the portal once more. The thing is, that when he walks through the portal, he finds himself, in the past, sitting in the room with all the other scientists, when just having activated the portal that began the whole thing. The professor from the waste land presses a button at a computer somewhere while winking at his past self, letting him know going in was a mistake and the portal closes. And that's all I can remember....It must have been a movie in the late 80's or begin 90's

Any clues anyone?


No idea. Sounds like a winner though. If you figure it out I hope you'll post the answer.
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No it's not 12 Monkeys, really nothing like a portal in that film. Maybe Stargate? Been years since I've seen that film. Really not sure.
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No its not 12 monkeys, I wish...still ty for trying
I've been looking for hours and hours and nobody knows this movie.
I'm desparate people!


On Golden Pond?

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you're freaking kidding right?

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You guys are guessing with well known movies. I guarantee this isn't a well known movie.

might be one of those direct to video flicks that shows uo on the tube sometimes.

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what will said, yes, probably unknown

this reminds me of an episode of a kids show.. lol i knows its kinda off subject, but hey, its early in the morning and who knows whos actually reading this thread anymore. anyways the show is "penguins of madagascar" and well private creates a portal and sends a penguin back in time to tell the other private not to create the portal, but then right after that, the portal solves all of lifes problems, so he sends another penguin to tell the beginning private to create the portal..

could it be timestalkers or the tomorrow people

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OMG!! It could actually be APEX!! It sure looks like it, and so does the description i find on the net. But i can only find 1 video on youtube, so I'm not sure...
I will see if i can buy the movie somewhere.
Thanx a lot to all you people man!

I don't think it's APEX..
APEX has lot of robots in the future.. & it sounds nothing like your description. It has no future self, etc..

There is another one that sounds similar, but here the future self travels back in time..
The Man Who Used to Be Me.

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It's not what you're looking for, but a story that is similar and good is The Outer Limits Original Series, The Man Who was Never Born, starring Martin Landau.

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any chance it was an episode of Sliders? The production values were quite good for the time, its understandable that it might be confused for a movie if you weren't familiar with it.

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I'm a big fan of Sliders, so I know its not that. I have seen the APEX trailer and some did looked familiar, but most didn't. I bought the VHS so I will resieve it shortly. I remember the end clearly, so when the tape arrives, I will let you know if it's apex or not. I will look into the other titles as well. Thanx for your help guys.

It was in colour btw, not in b/w, so its not a outer limit episode. Nor is it The Man Who Used to Be Me.

You bought the tape for APEX??... wow, you really do want to which film this is..

The prices for the old B-film tapes is a bit too much.. I wanted to order some myself..
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the film (APEX).. coz as a kid, I found it a lot of fun.