MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


The trick is not minding
It was a good run. Made the playoffs in my third year. Close loss is nothing to be ashamed of. Excellent chance to make third place next week against Holden.

The anomaly of my 140 score last week was really highlighted when the pendulum swung COMPLETELY the other way for my second-lowest score of the year. My only worse score was Week Six when Derrick Henry was on his BYE and it was my first week trying to plug my RB2 hole after Rashaad Penny's season-ending injury.

It began poorly, in the New Jersey rain Thursday night. Christian Kirk caught only three short, soggy passes for 22 yards (4.10). I started the Jacksonville DEF too, and they actually had a decent night hassling the parade of Jets QBs with a few sacks and an INT good for 14.00. What I didn't know then is that would be one of only three double-digit scores I would muster and my second highest of the three.

Last week just about everything that could have gone right did, and this week everything and anything that could go wrong...yeah. Derrick Henry was my first pick off of the board and while my fate would have been very different had I taken say Justin Jefferson, he was one of the top RBs all year and had much better results than Jonathan Taylor, Austin Eckler, Dalvin Cook, or Najee Harris' 2022s. His average for the fifteen games thus far was 18.34 points a game, and while he only got over 30 points once (35.30 Week 8 vs. Houston) he was by far the steadiest force in my lineup. He was not helped at all by Tennessee's five-game losing skid that has put their playoff hopes in doubt nor by Ryan Tannehill's injuries, making the Titans' attack unbalanced and easier to stack against the run. He was indeed my top scorer this week (17.60), with 126 yards on the ground and a TD plus two short passes. But he also had another fumble. They dominated Houston in October and lost to them in December.

But even if King Henry had put up another 30+ point performance, it truly would not have mattered. KC's Jerick McKinnon, who had improbably become their top offensive weapon in Weeks 14 & 15, scored an early TD and looked like he might continue the magical run. But Seattle didn't give them much of a game and dynamic plays from McKinnon weren't needed. He wound up with just 7 yards rushing and three catches for 31 yards, though the TD put him up at an 11.30 fantasy line.

Everybody else I started was worse. Much, much worse. Darren Waller had four scoreless grabs in the loss to Pittsburgh (7.80), Raheem Mostert followed up his best game of the season with one of his worst, including a fumble, in the collapse against Green Bay (3.90), and in my second WR spot I outsmarted myself. Last week Commanders rookie Jahan Dotson had a wonderful game, but all of the "experts" kept echoing how much the vaunted Frisco secondary was going to shut him and McLauren down almost completely. And I am a Washington fan, so I thought if I start him I am letting my team loyalty and hopes cloud my good judgement. So instead of Dotson I started Seattle's Marquise Goodwin, who was supposedly going to get more looks with Tyler Lockett out. Goodwin missed a whole quarter when is own injury flared up, but even when he was on the field he was useless. Four targets, zero catches. In the semi-finals I started a guy who gave me a 0.00. Meanwhile Dotson had another fine day including a TD (16.60). And that would have been super-duper frustrating had I lost by fifteen points. But Dotson wouldn't have even gotten my total to 100 points, much less made it competitive.

As for my Justins, Justin Tucker had his OK game (9.00) while Justin Henry had another fantasy faceplant in The Chargers' win on MNF, ceding all of the TDs to Austin Eckler's carries, finishing with his season-worst fantasy number of only 5.50, which was somehow even worse than last week's 8.72 (which was also in a team win).

Meanwhile Dustin had Cam Akers explode for almost 34 points, Burrow and Hockenson both nearly got 30 each, and Jefferson had 25. Those four players alone got him 118. I finished with 73.20 while he finished with a staggering 152.50. His margin of victory was more than my total score. What a pathetic showing on my end. But I knew it was coming.

The odds of me breaking a hundred again, much less winning against Ryan's Wylde Wolves, are slim. But I'll take fourth.
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I know the feeling. After rolling into the Super Bowl in Beantown's league, Jalen Hurts sat with a sprained shoulder, and the rest of my team decided to roll over, led by that hippy bum, Aaron Rodgers. I had considered playing Minshew, which in hindsight, was easily the better play, but I think I still would have come up a tad short, just by a few points. Well, a silver trophy it is!
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I think I'm auto drafting next season. Isnt this the second year in a row that an auto draft team has made the Mofo bowl? I think it is. Clearly, I have no idea how to play this game. My best season was my first one in the league and it was also an auto draft. Yep, I'm doin it from now on until I can figure out how to play this damn game.

Anyways.... good luck you 2! Sure is a tough break for Spaulding but he seems to have a knack for the waiver wire. Maybe he gets lucky and can plug that massive hole 2 weeks in a row.
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I was heading toward my lowest point total of the season before Minshew, Lamb and Philly's defense combined for 65.7 points. I'd added Tennessee's defense a few weeks ago in preparation for the Houston match-up. If our defensive scoring settings included "yards allowed," I probably would've started the Titans, but the Eagles have been great at racking up sacks and turnovers all season, so I defied the "expert" rankings and stuck with Philly. That proved to be the difference in my match-up, as Philly's D scored 10 points compared to only 4 points for the Titans. I also made the correct decision at kicker, dropping the ultra reliable Tyler Bass due to the extreme weather conditions to pick up Gano for his matchup against the Vikings, who have allowed the most fantasy points to kickers this season -- a trend that continued this past weekend with Gano scoring 14 points. (Bass, meanwhile, finished with 3.)

My championship matchup with @rauldc14 kicks off tonight. I've got Lamb; he's got Zeke. The Titans have given up the 4th fewest fantasy points to RBs this season while giving up the most points to WRs. Unfortunately the Titans are essentially punting this game to rest up for their divisional showdown with the Jags next week, and Pollard is out tonight, so game script will likely play into rauldc14's favor with Zeke getting a full workload. I worry that if Lamb doesn't visit the end zone or make a couple big catches early that he might have a quieter night than anticipated with the Cowboys likely playing with a sizeable lead. Hopefully for my sake the Titans keep it somewhat competitive and continue to defend the run well.

I think we will be around tied after tonight. Good luck.

Like I said, the Carr demotion really hurts for Adams and Jacobs. I've actually pondered whether starting Jacobs is the right call, as I assume the box will be stacked against him.

I think we will be around tied after tonight. Good luck.

Like I said, the Carr demotion really hurts for Adams and Jacobs. I've actually pondered whether starting Jacobs is the right call, as I assume the box will be stacked against him.
I realized that afterwards though it took me a minute. You never know though, especially this season.

What a day by my team. Davante Adams was drafted by Spaulding and I traded Lamb away to get him. And that may be the difference in itself.

Crazy win considering Jefferson did about nothing too.

Akers pops off as well.

Your Vegas boys rocked it Rauld. With all seriousness brother, congratulations. Im very happy for you.

The trick is not minding
Awful injury during the game between Buffalo/Cincinnati.

Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after making a tackle and had to have CPR administered for 10 minutes. He has been taken to the hospital via ambulance.

Game has been suspended until further notice.

The trick is not minding
So the game has been postponed, maybe canceled? Which is the right call.

Either way, it brings about a premature end of the season, and indeed, the championship.

Congratulations Raul, on the narrow victory of Spaulding.

See you all next year

The only thing I can think of is the worried and mad people in championship games where this may have altered thousands of outcomes.

But the only thing that matters is the health and safety of Hamlin. Truly tragic night for football.

Yeah, we'll see how it shakes out, but I imagine something will be done to finish the game.

But either way, congrats are in order for Raul.

And yeah, TONGO said it, it was the two guys in black-and-silver that led the way pretty much the whole time. Jacobs being essentially the top RB (within a few points, I think it was) in the 5th round, and Adams just blowing up constantly. Burrow in the 6th turned out to be exceptional, too. All three of those guys were top 3 at their position and only one was even as high as a second rounder.

I didn't realize Hamlin was from McKees Rocks. That's where I grew up. Man.

Sounds like he might be okay, though God only knows what this means for his very, very nascent career.

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I wasn't watching the game, but I caught some video and a report about it this morning. YIKES. Glad it looks like he will be OK. How does a kid in this kind of shape who is 24 go into cardiac arrest?