What do you think of the movie Parasite (2019)?


Really good analysis of semi-hidden things in Parasite:

This one shot here conveys a good bit of character. The much younger pizza boss didn’t resort to banmal, a form of speaking when talking to someone lower than you in the hierarchy. She respected her elders in a sense, even though she was chastising them. The shorthand way to tell is to listen for the “yo” at the end of the sentence. That’s considered–well–not impolite. Later, when Min is yelling at the drunk, who is older than him, he uses banmal.

Ki-woo tries to appease the boss and get a part-time job. Note how he tries to keep his head at her level or lower to show respect. Yet his sister Ki-jung does not. It’s their version of Good Cop, Bad Cop.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

So apparently I read there is a black and white release of Parasite out. Is this available anywhere, I would like to see it. Is it coming to blu ray for sure or anything? I just bought the movie, and now find out there is a black and white release? Why couldn't they just release the black and white with the blu ray? Can Bong Joon-Ho, stop re-releasing the movie in theaters and call it quits, and just release a 4K of each version already, instead of re-releasing it, like three times now?

Just finished watching it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My only issue was the ending.
WARNING: spoilers below

They could have ended the movie, when the son spots the blinking light that sent the Morse code.
Or when he deciphers the Morse code.

This was a really good flick, though Memories of Murder still remains the director's best work.

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WARNING: "Parasite" spoilers below
The letters are such a good summation of the film's critique, though - the father reveals that he is effectively stuck in a hopeless situation for the rest of his days and the son dreams up a rescue plan that he is not guaranteed to pull off and can't communicate to his father anyway. Without them, the film ends anticlimactically - and not in a good way.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

WARNING: "Parasite" spoilers below
The letters are such a good summation of the film's critique, though - the father reveals that he is effectively stuck in a hopeless situation for the rest of his days and the son dreams up a rescue plan that he is not guaranteed to pull off and can't communicate to his father anyway. Without them, the film ends anticlimactically - and not in a good way.
That's actually a good way to look at it.

I love Japanese philosophy and how they see the world. One of my favorite quotes from Parasite was when Ki-taek was talking to his son:
You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan. No plan at all. You know why? Because life cannot be planned. Look around you. Did you think these people made a plan to sleep in the sports hall with you? But here we are now, sleeeping together on the floor. So, there's no need for a plan. You can't go wrong with no plans. We don't need to make a plan for anything. It doesn't matter what will happen next. Even if the country gets destroyed or sold out, nobody cares. Got it?

Unless they refilmed the whole thing, just turn off the color on your TV.
But in order for the movie to look good in black and white, they still have to recolor grade it to suite black and white. Turning off the color on the TV, will not do the trick of making it look good in black and white still.

WARNING: "2 interesting details" spoilers below
1. Notice how there's 10 seats at the dining table indicating the actual number of inhabitants in the house - 4 Parks, 4 Kims, and the couple.

2. Ever found it surreal how the guy managed to survive having his head smashed by a stone? Well, it's likely due to the fact that the stone's hollow and fake! We saw it floating in the water.

Well it seems that Parasite is becoming a smash hit with American audiences, now, so if this is true, would this encourage Hollywood to take on riskier projects now as a result, since I mentioned before how they have been making movies that are too 'safe' lately?

Yeah. One thing I am turned off by is why did Bong-Joon Ho, decide to release a black and white version of the movie now, after the movie has just gone on sale on DVD a month ago, with no black and white option? Now he decides to release a black and white version in theaters. If he wanted his movie to be in black and white, then why didn't he just release it in black and white earlier, so it could be on the blu ray release, instead of having to buy a separate blu ray now, once the black and white version comes out.

Was this just the companies way of making more money?

I don't know, but I'm tempted to think that he made that decision (and the stuff about creating a series based on it) back when it looked like the film was peaking and unlikely to win anything major, which meant it might be his one shot to capitalize on what could easily be the highest point in his career by a wide margin. I wonder if he'd have done either (or both) of those things if he knew he was going to win Best Director, and Best Picture, since he figures to have more options now, and perhaps less urgency about making the most of all this, now that he has.

Yeah that's true, perhaps he still couldn't have gotten away with it as well, even though he has already had successful movies before?

As for the black and white, it doesn't look that good in the trailers though. I think maybe it was because Parasite was lit for color in the first place, and did not have black and white lighting, so maybe it doesn't look that good therefore?

Or maybe there is more color grading involved to make the black and white look better, and the trailers were not graded differently to show this?

I guess I also just feel kind of cheated, cause right after I buy the blu ray, a week later a black and white version turns up. And color version is still in theaters all this time, so the blu ray was released before the theatrical run was done. They should have just waited and the released the black and white version on the blu ray as well as the color I feel.

I only saw the trailer to Peppermint but it didn't really feel like it was in the same category, but I was just going by the trailer.

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As an Asian, I am happy that they won. Spoliers-----------------------

And part of me enjoyed the movie but at the same time, how come the bad guys became the good guys? They stole, murdered and got away with that. And somehow they are potrayed as the main characters?

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It's not the kind of movie that has straight-up good guys and bad guys, just a bunch of incredibly flawed and human characters - I'm not even totally sure who exactly you mean by "bad guys" in this scenario, but assuming it's the Kim family I don't think you can say they "got away with it" since

WARNING: "Parasite" spoilers below
one of them is murdered and another one is effectively trapped in a basement for the rest of his life, while the other two are arguably worse off for having lost them.

And yeah, of course they're the main characters. Sometimes "bad guys" are the main characters.

One thing about this movie is that it's more popular now and is in theaters again now, because it won best picture. But I find this surprising, cause people do not seem to care to see a movie based on awards it got. Whenever I have recommended a movie to someone and try to sell it to them that it was nominated for best picture or won best picture, they couldn't care less.

They reaction is "Oh, I don't know if I want to see a movie that won best picture, usually those suck". Or they are just indifferent and pick movies that look interesting to them, regardless of awards. But Parasite is a movie that people are only interested in seeing because it won picture. So why does there seem to be an exception there?

Yeah, I don't think I grant that premise. Maybe it's just your friends? I would caution against questions that implicitly extrapolate tiny slivers of experience onto people in general.

That said, this is a very unusual Best Picture winner, so maybe there's more natural curiosity.

Sorry yes, I am going by friends but also what people say online that I have read, about how they feel about the academy as well. But yes, I shouldn't generalize.