Guess Movies From Pictures (keywords, plot, title, ...)


I wouldn't have figured that out if I had a million guesses.
Me either. Not a chance.

Thanks for the info, but I rarely go to the movie theater anymore. I got tired of listening to people talking through the movie, using up their cell phones, (causing the phone to light up), kicking the back of my seat, etc.
You couldn’t pay me to go to a movie theater for all these reasons. In addition, I must have a pause button & a re-wind button.

Gotta be. One of my fave bands. Ever.
I’m here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. That’s why I’m here now.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Three words in movie title:

Dirty Little Billy? (Doesn't anyone else here follow the HoF threads? )

If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

Ha! I know I'm not very original Correct and your turn.

I'm still catching up on everything I missed around here the past few days, and it might take a while, so I'll declare OPEN FLOOR so you don't have to wait for me.