Happy Birthday, Miss Vicky!


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happy birthday
We can feel the God, in very simple moments
In the loves anxiety and the undesired sin
When all is set and done for love
It doesn’t care whether it’s soon or it’s too late
Don’t be afraid if your heart wakes up from an old dream
My be God has written your story from the beginning. Ehsan khaje Amiri

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Oh Vicky you're so fine, You're so fine you blow my mind, hey Vicky, Happy Birthday. Hope you have (or had) a great day.

...hope somebody gets the reference.
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Googled "joaquin phoenix naked". Now I regret this, but Miss Vicky might not. Yeah, these are photoshopped in case anybody's wondering.

And oh yeah, Happy Birthday!

Welcome to your Early-Late Thirties.

(or Late Mid-Thirties?)

Happy 35th Birthday!
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