Halfway through Synecdoche New York


To me in simple terms it is just about the plight of our culture. How we are trying to make sense of our careers and relationships. Of our life in general. We just end up spinning our wheels and going nowhere. Keep in mind it has been a long time for me though. I need to see it again. Obviously it is very complex and there is a ton more going on too. I loved the world, characters, and of course the writing. I wrote a review. Check it out when you finish.

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An alternate universe dreamed by the dying mind of a creative, perfectionist megalomaniac.
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Halp I'm halfway through Usal Suspectss what is kizer soat say.
Latin for walking affliction

It's like that South Park episode where they all smell their own farts.

I grant you it's a weird-ass movie, but yeah, finish it and junk. I doubt that will answer every question, but it'll probably answer a few. Maybe.

An alternate universe dreamed by the dying mind of a creative, perfectionist megalomaniac.
My life story.

It's a weird movie... I didn't enjoy it very much it's been 3 years since I seen it tho I need a rewatch
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I like the movie, I think, but it's frustrating. I saw it at the movies. My impression when I left the theater was that it was about how meaningless our lives are. How one person isn't really that different from someone else because we're all just briefly cruising through life and we're all gonna die and nobody's gonna remember us eventually. It's a sad, depressing movie about death.

I understand Kaufman's concept, but I think he try too hard being 'meta' and whole movie looks kinda silly/self-parody..
It's eight-and-a-half-wannabe, I prefer Fellini's movie.