Best Movie Marathon?


Rocky 1-4, Arnold marathon, even a Horror fest, What is the best movie marathon you can have??

F*** it!!!! I'm not here often enough to change it
This has numerous marathons, using specific themes. It's a game I made a loooong time ago . . . Movie Night: Bring Popcorn!

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The Bourne Trilogy (ignore legacy).

Nolan's Batman trilogy + Inception + Interstellar.

Fincher's se7en + Fight Club + Zodiac + Gone Girl + The Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo + optional (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button + The Social Network)

Cornetto trilogy + Paul.

Harry Potter marathon (start with part 3)

Lord of the Ring trilogy.

Terminator marathon (1-3 only)

The Lord of the Rings Special Editions marathon at Cinemark back in 2003. It was worth the experience. Plus I was working there then so I got to see all three films back to back to back .....for free!!!