How you watch so many movies?


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How do all of you guys watch these vast amounts of movies? I'm always curious to know other people's methods. Do you just constantly browse netflix, research directors/actors, or what? When you find a movie you want to watch to you buy it on DVD, rent it, torrent it, etc?
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Until we lose ourselves we have no hope of finding ourselves
No no i definitely watch my share of films. I'm asking what everyone elses individual film preferences are. How do you personally go about picking your next film you want to see.
are you a fan of dvds, torrenting, netflix, etc... I just want some insight on what everyone else is doing

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Until we lose ourselves we have no hope of finding ourselves
arghahghghghgh i just wanted to know everyones processssss

How do you personally go about picking your next film you want to see.
are you a fan of dvds, torrenting, netflix, etc... I just want some insight on what everyone else is doing
Ah, I see. Well, when I bother to watch a film, it's usually a blind buy or on tv.

Blind buy. That explains a lot...
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lol... And yet, I love almost every film I own. Well, of those that I own and have seen, anyway.

And that's because, despite what you guys say, I very good at knowing what I will and won't like.

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I probably watch the majority of my films on Turner Classic Movies. That's usually about 20 a week, except during baseball season, it's probably closer to about 12. I usually just turn it on and watch what's on until I find something better. I also have Encore and probably see about 7-12 of those a week, depending on the season. I usually try to watch films on this which I've never seen (especially newer ones) or rewatch faves I haven't seen for years. For harder-to-find flicks, I get four rentals from two sites at a time. That doesn't count Netflix Instant. I also watched Death Takes a Holiday on YouTube recently. It's the basis for Meet Joe Black, which is 100 minutes longer and half as good! I've seen the original several times, but it had been about 20 years, so I'm happy to report it's still really good.
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My imaginary leprechaun friend browsing them all day then gets back to me with the best ones.
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Tuesday is $1 day at the DVD rental store... That's my trick.
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I try to go to the cinema as often as I can, that's how I watch new releases, anyways. Ideally, i'd like to go every week, but that's a bit difficult right now. Otherwise I watch the majority of my films via cheap DVD stores. Sometimes it's films recommended by other MoFo's, but right now i'm in the process of collecting stuff I have already seen and really enjoy.

I've been surgically connected to a chair via my arse by an evil Doctor who forces me to watch films all day, and every now and then he wheels me to the computer so I can go on the internet to research more films to watch. If I don't continue to watch films a little contraption will pull out all my insides via you know where.

*help me*

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Well I've got an obsessively large DVD collection, including an insane amount of blind buy films I've still never seen. And I've also got hundreds, maybe even thousands taped from TV onto disc as well. Mostly I've been working my way through films I've not seen over the last year or so, very few rewatches.

It's really all about those two ways above. I rarely watch a film when it's actually on TV, just recording it until a more conveninet time. I never really watch films online, legally or otherwise. I've got a lovefilm account but hardly ever use it, the DVDs I get will just sit there for months at a time before I send them back.

As for number of films per week I like to watch one at least every other day so 3/4 a week, but sometimes one a day.

I've seen your DVD collection JayDee. I wouldn't call it a collection though personally... not sure what to call it, but 'collection' doesn't quite sum it up.

As for the OP question.

Spare time and a DVD player.

Back in the day it would have been VHS and Betamax but still, lots of spare time and a love of escaping my humdrum life
I don't use anything online to watch movies.
I watch films on TV and DVD these days and occasional cinema visits. It's just spare time, over a long period of time.

Instead of going out on my bike when I was a kid, or simply just 'playing outside'... I'd watch movies.
My earliest memories are watching films with my older brothers. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Goonies etc on Betamax.

After 30 years of watching movies in my spare time, I've got quite an extensive back-catalogue of 'movies watched'.
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Well when I am not working I like to watch movies at home with girlfriend or by myself. I use Netflix, I dvr movies on like HBO, Showtime, Max, TNT, FX, USA, TBS, and I use On Demand. Since I work at a movie theater I get to see movies for free so I go watch a lot of movies in theaters now too.

I have been watching movies all my life. I have quite a list, and there is still many good ones I haven't seen yet (so many movies).
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Most of my film watching is via blu-rays I've bought/got(I get a lot of blind buys but as I know what I like I rarely get something I don't like) and blu-ray rentals from an online rental as it's cheaper and more of a selection compared to the actual rental shop itself. Most films I watch are on blu-ray but also DVD if it's only avaliable on that format.

I have a small TV cable package as I don't watch the TV much so I don't have many film channels and I hardly watch films on television anyway.

Don't watch films online, illegal or legal, and I also don't like paying for a film that comes through the computer/digital air. If I pay for a film I want the physical copy to put in my blu-ray player or watch it on a massive screen at the cinema. That's just me.

I like most genres of film so there is always something to watch and not hard to find things to watch/buy. Get ideas for films to see via information on the internet, film magazines, and recommendations, like most people. Also browse genre/new/upcoming release lists on the rental site I use and just add everything I like the sound of onto my queue list.