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Songs With Matt


This is what she's saying, if you care to know. This is a cover by the way. The original is by Joseph Saqr.

I'm used to your eyes
I've been lost and lonely because of them
Your eyes are black
And you don't know what black eyes do to me
Upon the rumble of the bus that was carrying us from the village of Hamlaya to the village of Tannourine I remembered you, oh Aaliyah, and I remember your eyes
God damn your eyes are so pretty Aaliyah
We were riding the bus in this heat and dying of exhaustion
One guy's eating lettuce, another guy's eating figs
And there's another guy with his wife
Wow, his wife is so ugly
Lucky them, their minds are completely empty, the Tannourine passengers
They don't know your eyes, Aaliyah
They're so beautiful
We were riding the bus, riding without paying
Sometimes we shut up the door for the driver
Sometimes we shut up the passengers
That guy who's here with his wife, he's turning red and his wife is dizzy
I swear he'd let her get out by herself at Tannourine if he saw your eyes, oh Aaliyah
They're so beautiful

Traffic - Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired

My mood.

I like Winwood/Traffic a lot but am more familiar with Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys, which I think is pretty freaking fantastic. Your post makes me think I need to dig into Traffic a bit more.

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Electric Light Orchestra - Can't Get It Out Of My Head

In 2000, I would hang out with this girl in my car, driving to my old high school. We'd play a game, trying to guess the name of the song on a variety of classic rock stations. Well, on this occasion, we were both stuck, which is weird since we were both already pretty big fans of ELO.. She said "Ah Matt, you won't care tomorrow" but I couldn't get it out of my head, and then I found out who it was, and what the title was.

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America - Saturn Nights

Just by a coincidence I'm listening to this on Independence Day, (aka fireworks day).. I've thought a lot about America, and it's heartbreaking. Then my closest friend screws up again to the point I'm done being friends with him. Then I talk to a girl, a beautiful girl on random Skype.. Not only beautiful, but she had a wonderful smile, and I was in a jovial mood, made her laugh/smile constantly, and she loved all the music I did, and she played songs, seeing if I'd guess them, and they were all my favorites. After an hour, the connection went bad, or she just quit to hurt me.. I did tell her early on what a great girl I thought she was.. I went on Skype, needing to talk to my Russian friend, she was busy. Then I hear Abbas Kiarastami died, a director who left such an impression me. I saw two of his movies, and then my cousin's membership ended.. Cimino died yesterday, only saw a few movies, but 2016 took the lives of some of my favorite musicians in a time there aren't many left... David Bowie, Glenn Frey and a few others.