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I doubt they wouldn't be. Besides, my current top 25 are pretty much set in stone. I've got a private list of all the best movies I've seen but it still needs a little work so I won't reveal it now, especially since that would give my top 25 away.

I update it in batches, so...probably.
I just don't want to be the reason Daddy Daycare misses the cut!

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
I update it in batches, so...probably.
I sent you an update list including Rauldc14 before the last one. You didn't get it? I'll re-send.
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Suspect's Reviews

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
Got my best people working on it at this very moment

Where they will pass the final conclusion to Agatha in Accounting; giving her something to [email protected] do.

She shall then deliver for precise, extensive scrutiny by the very creme d'intellingence of my staff

and, if, um, he doesn't eat it. . .

We'll get that right on over to ya with all due vigor
- This is one of those films where I liked it on first viewing but I feel like watching it again might actually make me dislike it, but that's pretentious existentialism for you.

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Writing the list atm.
I really have to feel that I could make a difference in the movie, or I shouldn't be doing it.
Joe Dante

I hope that some cinematic masterpieces like The Garbage Pail Kids, Birdemic, or Manos: The Hands of Fate top this list.
If Battlefield Earth or Monster A Go-Go don't make the list, I'm revolting and going back to Corrierino.
Last Great Movie Seen
Vampyr (Dreyer, 1932)

I'm just going to assume everyone did the right thing and made a spot for Stop! or my mom will shoot

We should be seeing the beginning of the list soon, eh?
Deadline is December 1st, so I reckon @Yoda will prob start the list early afternoon Dec 1st

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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

Where do you pick up these pearls of wisdom?
Never joined in with these countdowns before but Im in on this one. I need a day to compile my list but I need to be in at work at 6 am tomorrow. Oh well, no sleep tonight.

Deadline is December 1st, so I reckon @Yoda will prob start the list early afternoon Dec 1st

I wish. Honestly it's more likely I'll need a solid week, but we'll see! I'm definitely cramming some work for this one.

Also, cool to see some of the new people dipping their toes in the water here. You are all quite welcome and I strongly encourage you to fire a list our way, it's a lot of fun.