I love you, Unregistered


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I'm So Lost :O
give it a minute, lol

ooo i thought i was special dammit

O well i love you all too
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ooo i thought i was special dammit
You are
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Yuo are
everyone who reads it is

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Okay, just like the birthday thread. but when and why are the usernames chosen?

PS- You all should love me.
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this is very confusing. I don't even know the code to put other user names in the slot. I know how to do it on AIM but not in this type format, Unregistered
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bbgun bbjunkyarddog bbking what the hell am i doing here help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, personally i hate starrdarcy. They need a good slap from someone.

BTW, if this post is 4 years old, before i was here, who is this for anyways??

ok, ok...

I get the joke now! LOL!

i fell for it

Welcome to the human race...
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I DO love Unregistered.

Unregistered is just to die for and I can't live another day without Unregistered. *SIGH... FAINTS... RETURNS*

Unregistered, will you marry me? C'mon, we'll go to Vegas and when we get back, we'll have tons of pictures to post in the MoFo Personal Pictures Thread.

Unregistered, give me your answer true. Will you marry me?!?!

I love you, Unregistered, now and forever.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, Im thinking about you.

There's treachery afoot!!!
Is anyone as confused as I am?
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Is anyone as confused as I am?
Initially I was, but now I am not. Thanks for asking!

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Initially I was, but now I am not. Thanks for asking!
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Wha wha?